From the Podium

Concorso Italiano "Best Maserati"

Hi Richard. Attached are a couple photos of my award winning 1963 Maserati Sebring (first series), of which 348 were produced. It won the trophy for "Best Maserati" at the 2002 Conscorso Italiano held at Quail Lodge in Carmel California. Over 50 Maseratis were entered. I have owned the car for 5 years. It was bought in Italy by Joe Turlay, Head of Engineering of the Buick Motor Company 38 years ago and he kept it up till his death in 1985. It changed hands twice until I found it and had it professionally restored in Illinois. I first started showing it last year. The car handles extremely well and is most comfortable to drive. I enjoy driving it to events instead of trailering it. I use the full range of Griot's Garage car care products to keep it in award-winning shape.

Best Regards,