From the Podium

Ducati On The Podium

Once again, Griot's Garage was selected to be the exclusive car care provider to the Seattle Italian Concours, and to present the Griot's Garage Preservation Award to the best preserved vehicle.

This year, the award was given not to a car, but to an exceptional motorcycle. When Lorin purchased this awesome Ducati Sport 750 it was 1973, and he was only 20 years old. He's owned the bike ever since and is the only one to ever ride it. The beautiful Ducati never been restored, and Lorin takes her out for rides as often as possible. The Green Ducati 750 in the background is Lorin's other pride and joy.

Lorin loves his bikes, and the care he's put in to keeping them looking great and running well is evident. When asked to ride the 750 Sport up to the podium to collect his trophy, the old Ducati fired on the first kick!