From the Podium

Jim's Best Of Show '60 Nash

The car was restored to help support fund raising efforts for breast cancer research, thus Pink and White. The Hilton Head show on Nov. 6th was to be the first show it attended but being October is breast cancer awareness month we rolled her out to the SE Regional AMC show in Atlanta 2 weeks ago. Although not 100% ready to show, in my opinion, she still took home Best of Show that day.

Jim G.
The luck of the draw

I wanted to tell you folks that after nearly 1700 miles through torrential rains on all kinds of roads in two countries (US and Canada), we entered the Tanglewood Classic British Motorcar Festival with the help of nothing but a self-serve car wash and a bottle of Griot's Speed Shine. We won first place.

I worked very hard on getting it cleaned up before the trip because I knew I was going to be driving in a parade at the Canadian Grand Prix. I did not know who I was going to be driving until that morning when I drew this guy's name out of the hat.

George G.
Michael's Best Of Show BelAir

I have used Griot's Garage products for keeping my vehicle in showroom condition.

As a result of proper care and continued use of Griot's Garage products, this classic has won numerous Best of Class and Best of Show awards including Keels & Wheels Concour d' Elegance, the largest Classic Boat and Car Show of its kind in the USA.

Michael O.
"Best Paint" For This '58

Westport Winery and Corvettes of Gray's Harbor held their annual car show Aug 20th, at the beautiful Westport winery. It was a really nice day here so I drove my '58 over to check it out.

I parked the car and started walking around all those beautiful Corvettes and spotted a couple sitting by their black '59. We started talking and the owner mentioned he was frustrated over the look of the paint finish as it had many swirls and light scratches over the whole car. I told him I had some ideas that may help, and directed him over to see my car. My paint is over 10 years old and looks great. I have been using Griot's for years now, going back to my Tri-state and Canadian show-winning 1979 Porsche turbo. I had recently purchased the Random Orbital "Best Of Show" kit and put a few coats on the 'Vette. He looked at my car and was very impressed with the shine and lack of swirling. I explained that he could also easily get results he would enjoy.

So later, the awards were being handed out and my car number was called. To my surprise I had won the Peoples' Choice Best Paint award. As I was handed the award I heard the owner of the '59 say to me "Wow, I guess the Griot's stuff really works! I will check that out."

Richard H.
Jim's 944 Wins In 2011

My 1983 Porsche 944 was purchased by me in July of 1983. The car has 14,000 original miles and just won Class and Division awards at the 2011 Porsche Parade. The car also won the Contemporary Sports Car Class this year at the prestigious Keeneland Concours.

Jim B.
William's Triumphant Showing

Our unrestored 1974 Triumph TR-6 was shown at the Concours de'Elegance, at Cottage Grove. Thanks to your excellent products, the car took first in its class. Thank you for your great products.

William H.
A First Place Avanti

My 2002 Avanti was entered in the 2011 Avanti Owners Association, International Annual Meet and took a first place in its class. I use Griot's products on the car... Carnauba Wax Stick topped by Best of Show Wax. On the interior, Leather Care and Vinyl & Rubber Dressing. Plus maybe a few other products.

To be honest, the car is still nearly new and in outstanding condition, but your products still made a difference in its appearance.

Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with your products.

Bruce B.
Carl's Mint Corvette

Richard and company,

Attached you'll find a photo of my "new" 1989 Corvette that I purchased "as new" with six miles on the odometer in September of 2010. The car was in a living room storage for twenty one years. After becoming the first registered owner and replacing various fuel system parts, tires, battery and a total fluids exchange, the car now is road worthy and quite an eye popper after receiving the Griot's Garage detail treatment and Best of Show Wax.

So far three shows, and was awarded three trophies! The car now has twenty five hundred miles.

Thank you for great products, fun garage times and your top notch customer service.

Carl C.