Having Fun
Addicted & Proud

My new BMW F30 328i M Sport is my first new car ever, but it's my third BMW. It's also the third BMW that has been cleaned, protected, and made beautiful by Griot's Garage products. Recently, the pre-delivery dealership wax job wore off, and I was putting off re-waxing. Then I parked under an evil tree that dropped sap all over my car. Fortunately, your Bug & Smudge Remover allowed me to wipe that nasty sap right off. No elbow grease needed! I took that opportunity to wash it and use Paint Cleaning Clay, and then hit it with some Machine Polish 3 before a nice coat of Best of Show Wax®. This is a picture of my car after a spa day with Car Wash, Spray-On Wax, Wheel Cleaner and Long Lasting Tire Dressing. It still is beautiful indeed. She still looks new, thanks to Griot's Garage. The only uphill battle now is keeping the wheels clean from those infernal high-dust BMW brake pads, but Wheel Cleaner always loosens it right up in seconds. My wife says I'm addicted because my collection of products keeps mysteriously growing, but I'm okay with that.


Andy R.

One Bold Mold

These are not pictures of a car. They are pictures of a full size plaster model of a car. The model is used to make a mold, and the body of the real car is made from the mold.

The master had to be as close as possible to the real car. So, I painted the model with many coats of lacquer. Then I bought a Griot's Random Orbital, lots of pads, polish, wax, and made it shine. It was very satisfying. The real car is running, but not painted yet.

Bob E.
One Shiny Horse

Griot's has been a fixture in my garage for more than 10 years and I want to thank you for making such high-quality products. This is my new GT500. I get a lot of compliments with it and a lot of credit goes to you. My favorite product is the Spray-On Wax. It really seems to extend the time between actually waxing the car.

Thanks for the great products and even better service!

Evan M.
A Magnificent Diamond

Hey Griot's family! I am a very recent, and extremely proud, owner of a 1991 BMW 325ic. I have a good friend named Victor who has always sang the praises of the entire Griot's system. The first opportunity I had to take the car down to his home after I purchased it, he brought out his 6" Random Orbital and proceeded to teach me how to use this system. After several hours of hard work on the car, all I could do was smile and well, "giggle" because this beauty was shining, no beaming, like a magnificent diamond. Many, many years of oxidation and grime that had built up on the car were now removed. I was so incredibly impressed with Griot's that I have now joined the Griot's family by purchasing several hundred dollars of your products to make sure I can keep the awesome results and to eagerly take care of the other three vehicles I have at home. Thank you for the wonderful products and I look forward to all the fun with Griot's in the future!

Andrew A.

Excited For Freezing Rain

Dear Griot's,

I just received my latest purchase from your awesome selection of products today and had to share a picture of what I bought. I live in Wisconsin so you know what happens to your wind shield after a huge snow storm or freezing rain. It looks like a skating rink and takes a chisel and a lot of time to get your windshield clear... not to mention the scratches and damage a scraper can do to your expensive glass.

I saw this Deluxe Windshield Snow Cover and had to order one. It's made of a lightweight fabric that is strong yet folds up into one of the side mirror pockets for storage. It has three strong magnets sewn in that really hold it in place and won't scratch your paint. The cover fit extremely well and contoured to my truck. This cover is awesome. It took literally two minutes to install and comes in three sizes. I'm ordering one for my Honda S2000 for sure.

I never thought I'd be excited for freezing rain!

Michael F.
Griot's FTW Over Water Spots

I have been using Griot's Garage products for many years and have always found out that whatever the product I purchase from Griot's that it works better than I expected. I have owned a BMW 525i for seven years. This car was originally placed in service in Florida. From the date I purchased the car it had water spots on the front windshield. I tried many glass cleaning products over the years which even included using hand cleaner on it. None of these products worked. I recently purchased Griot's Glass Polish as a last resort. Using my Random Orbital machine and a new pad I applied the Glass Polish to the windshield. The results are simply amazing! The water spots are gone and the windshield is as clear as a new one. I can't tell you how significant the change has been. With fall weather your product has improved my ability to see on those wet, dark nights by 50 percent. Thank you.

I also use your products on my other vehicles. They provide excellent protection to the elements and a superior shine. My 911 Targa was Best in Class at our 50th PCA car show using your Best of Show Wax.

Tom M.
Jeremy's Showroom Finish

I want to say how much I've enjoyed the line of products from Griot's Garage I've purchased over the last month. A friend of mine recommended the Griot's line when I purchased a 2013 Camaro 2SS recently. So, from there, the credit card came out and I had a field day! After receiving the shipment, I borrowed a Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital and tackled my 2003 Ford F150 to test out the products. I spent over 15 hours bringing the Toreador Red paint back to life. I started with a wash, Griot's Paint Cleaning Clay with Speed Shine®, Machine Polish 2 and 3, followed that with One-Step Sealant, and finally Best of Show Wax®. I was amazed at how good the truck looked! It reminded me of the day I first drove it off the lot! Then it was on to my 2013 Rally Yellow Camaro SS. Again a wash came first, followed by Griot's Clay with Speed Shine®, then Polish 4, and finally Best of Show Wax® with a spritz of Spray on Wax (another tip I picked up from the website). When I was finished, I felt I needed to bring this car to the dealer and put on the showroom floor!

With each exterior detail came an interior detail. I loved the look the Vinyl and Rubber Dressing provides on the inside as well as the exterior and tires. The Leather Care keeps the leather looking clean and provides a fresh scent as well. Thank you for bringing such joy to detailing my vehicles! I'll be a fan forever and my vehicles will love me for it!

Jeremy B.

Fussy And Only Want The Best

My lovely wife and I have been looking everywhere for a good classic Mini. We finally found The One... it was mostly restored, the perfect car for us. I've been a fan of Griot's Garage for a long time, but much more so since having this car. I've become obsessed with the preservation of this beauty, so things like Paint Sealant, Metal Polish, and Best of Show Wax® are perfect. They've given me the ability to create an intimate bond with my car, and to care for and protect our most treasured vehicle. Thank you for caring as much as I do, and for making products for people who are fussy and only want the best.

Mathew A.
Constantly Complemented

I have to say that we are hooked on all of your products, we are a Griot's-only family and take great pride in our vehicles. We recently purchased a used Infiniti M35 and after using your Car Wash, Paint Cleaning Clay, One-Step Sealant and Best of Show Wax® she has told me that she constantly gets complemented. As you can see this soccer mom has mirror like shine that can compete with anyone in town.

Lander D.
Getting "Griot-ized"

I can't say enough positive things about your chemicals and products. I've been using your products, including Best of Show Wax®, since 1999. Starting in 2004, I have been using your Paint Sealant exclusively on all my cars. Twice a year, spring and fall, I seal the paint. I've maintained this regimen on five BMWs since 2004. In between paint sealing, I use your Car Wash and Spray-On Wax... and of course Speed Shine®! The fact is, I've never, EVER had to use any cleaning products such as cleaners, compounds...nothing. The sealer is so good, the twice-a-year treatments keep new paint looking new for years. I just purchased my newest baby, a 2014 Cayman S and she was Griot-ized just this evening for the first time. I look forward to many years of shiny, beautiful paint thanks to your top-shelf products.

Arthur T.

Now That's Perfection

I'm so pleased with the results I achieve with Griot's Garage products. The paint depth and clarity is clearly demonstrated in the reflection of the trees from across the street... now that's perfection.

Many thanks,

Rebecca G.
Clutch On The Concours

Attached is a picture of our Porsche 914 on the lawn at the 2013 Porsche Parade in Traverse City, Michigan. I've used only your products for the last couple of years, and this year, our first entry in the concours, we won the Street Class/Restored.

Thanks very much,

Jim K.
Prized Mustang

Thought you might want to see my Mustang. I clayed it, used Machine Polish 3, and two coats of carnauba. This is 100 percent Griot's Garage detailed. I posted pictures on the forum and people claimed they wanted their white to shine like this.

I took four third place prizes last year and plan on taking first and second with the addition of the racing stripes, window tint, carbon fiber engine dress-up pieces, and the Griot's shine. With the help of Griot's, I am positive it will happen.

Brad H.

Torture Tested

Hey Griot's people,

I have a nice story to relay about one of your products. Back in 2011 I purchased one of your portable, high intensity, LED work lights for a good friend, Larry. Larry is a professional mechanic, but he uses the light as he wrenches in his home workshop.

I've seen him go through several work lights over the years and thought that even your light would succumb to the abuse. But, I guess the adage of "getting what you pay for" holds true here! After almost two years the light is still working perfectly... even after recently being torture tested!

Late one day, Larry had to stop to repair his riding mower, utilizing the work light. In his haste to finish before dark, he left the light under the seat and on top of the mower deck, where it was severely abraded by the drive belts. After finishing in the dark, Larry noticed a strange glowing in the lawn. It was his work light, facing down, all beaten up but ready for another project!

Thanks for the great product!

Steve M.
From Barn To Beautiful

My dad's 1966 Ford Mustang had been sitting in a barn undisturbed for about two years. I decided to take it to a Memorial Day picnic at our church and needed to clean it up the preceding day. Using Spray-On Car Wash, Spray-On Wax and Speed Shine® I was quickly able to make the car sparkle.

An admirer at the picnic called the car "beautiful!" Little did she know it had been shrouded in a thick layer of barn dust just 24 hours earlier! And now my dad has asked me to shine up some of his other classics. Thanks for making your products so effective and easy to use!

James S.
Black Beauties

Hi Richard,

I have been using your products now for about five years and they are the best. We have two show cars (a 1932 Ford five-window, all-steel coupe and a just-finished, custom '56 Chevy two-door post), a 2005 Corvette, 2004 Dodge Ram truck, and my wife's 2009 Cadillac SRX... AND they are all black. I use the One-Step Sealant, and Speed Shine® on all of our cars, they are easy to use and leave the finish looking like glass. The '56 has already won three Best of Show awards and several first places, and Best Paint two times. Thank you for your excellent products that have produced two show winners.



Hey Richard,

If anyone is still wondering what detail clay does I'll show them this new clay bar after I used it once on a 2013 Ford Taurus that I just brought home from the dealership. The car had 51 miles on it, was well cleaned by the dealer, and washed by me before using the clay. I was amazed what came off the car. Your clay is, by far, better than anything else I have tried.

Thanks for a nice product!

Greg S.
"Doing It Your Way"

I would like to thank you for the outstanding car care products that you offer and the tips you provide. They have allowed me to take care of my V easier than I would have ever thought possible. I started out with way too many surface scratches and swirl marks and it seemed to be an endless, time-consuming job... until I began doing it "your way." I especially like Speed Shine® and Spray-On Wax as it allows me to quickly clean the car with no hazy surface scratches like I had before. I approve!

Thank you,

Jack D.
"Your Random Orbital Is Great!"

Your Random Orbital is great! For years I had wondered about the worth of purchasing your 6" Random Orbital.

I finally decided to order the basic kit and then questioned whether or not the #3 polish would be enough to do the job on my 1973 Porsche 911T. I had a slight problem with some oxidized paint that had collected some serious water spots and I thought the #3 polish might not be up to the job. Wrong! It was amazing. Along with a beautiful finish the great thing was just how fast it did the job and with not a whole lot of effort.

Why didn't I make this purchase sooner? I researched a lot of orbital polishers and just kept coming back to the conclusion that the Griot's model was the best. I was right!

I'm also using the polisher on my 1976 Glastron T-156 Sportster. Can you tell I get a kick out of trying to keep older stuff looking as nice as I can?

Hmmm..... Wonder what a 3-inch polisher could do for my 28 year-old Snapper mower.....?

Thanks Richard for helping to make my car look good and saving me a lot of hard work!

Now I'm really having fun in my garage!

Craig F.

"All I Could Say Is Wow!"

Hey folks,

I started using Griot's products two years ago when a car buddy of mine amazed me with how deep the shine on his Mustang was. He was also able to remove many of the light scratches and swirl marks that seemed prevalent on my car. I enlisted him to do a deep buff and then apply Best of Show Wax. All I could say is wow!

He did my car a couple of more times before I finally took the plunge last year and got the 6" Random Orbital and plenty of everything else. Now my garage is full of Griot's product I use on regular basis not only for my weekend toy (2006 Pontiac GTO), but also for our commuter cars.

I've placed quite a few orders - never once have I had backorder or shortage, nor damage, with the shipments.

In summary: Great products, amazing customer service!

Dan A.
Looking Factory-Fresh

Although my 2013 Mercedes Benz E550C is just a few months old, I want to make sure it continues to look factory-fresh. That's why I use Griot's Garage Car Care products exclusively. While "4G" may be all the rage with smartphones, I use "4G" Car Care: Griot's Garage Spray-on Car Wash, Speed Shine®, Paint Sealant and Best of Show Wax. This "fearless foursome" is the fastest, easiest and best way to keep my car looking perfect at all times. Coupled with the red foam applicator pads (I wax by hand) and Griot's superb microfiber cloths (absolutely love the nappy green microfibers I use with the Spray-on Car Wash) my ride shines like nothing else. Even my dealer says it looks fantastic!

Thanks for making such superb products to keep my car looking amazing.

Marc V.
Great Results With Griot's

Just wanted to show you the results you can get with Griot's great products. Took me nearly 20hrs to bring a badly neglected 10 year old Mustang back to life. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the great products I'll be buying lots in the near future.

Mark T.
Proud Ferrari Owner

Dear Richard,

I'm very happy to say I'm the proud owner of a 2004 Ferrari 360 F1 Modena since new. It has only known Griot's products since it arrived in my garage. I think you can tell from the picture it is very happy about its care and that I'm a car nut.

Best regards,
Jim W.
Grandpa's Ghia

I like the pictures of the VW on a recent Handbook cover Handbook #372. Take a look at my '58 Karmann Ghia that was purchased new by my Grandfather. It's has recently been totally restored from the frame up and I use Griot's car care products before every show. Enjoy.

Geoffrey M.
Best Of Show Winner

I belong to the 3/4 Morgan Group Ltd. whose membership consists of over 300 members and primarily stretches from southern New Jersey to northern Maine, although there are members throughout the USA and the world.

Once a year, we have a club wide "Autumn Mog" meet, which this year took place at Newport, RI. I am happy to report that our car took "Best In Show" at the judged Concours D'Elegance.

I am sure your magnificent products played a role in this and the many other awards we have won over the years. Once again, thanks for your magnificent products.

Joanne & Eric S.
"Like A Kid On Christmas Day"

Dear Griots Team,

Nothing but the best has touched my latest 3 vehicles, and the best is Griot's Garage! I always love driving around in a clean car, little did I know that my car was never as clean, shiny and spectacular as it has been with Griot's Garage products. I moved to the city of Philadelphia and lived in a high rise apartment building with no where to keep my car clean. I purchased a performance projects book for my '05 PT Cruiser, and the last project was detailing. As I read through the project I became more and more curious as to what products they were using. I found one of the photos with a product in it and looked at it hard so I could read the name... behold Griot's Garage! I immediately jumped on and searched for Griot's Garage and once I found it began browsing the list of products. I first noticed the Spray-On Car Wash, and figured no where to wash my car, I'll give it a try. When the item arrived, I excitedly opened and ran down the stairs to try it out (like a kid on Christmas Day)! I was amazed! I began looking into the other items that I could use, and discovered the 6" Random Orbital. I wanted something that would allow me to get a deep shine on the car that was much better then waxing by hand. I thought, how am I going to use this though, I have no where to wash my car, let alone somewhere to plug in a polisher. I was talking with a friend who lived in a house, and he offered up his driveway for me to wash and wax my car, yet another purchase from Griot's Garage, a Random Orbital Kit! I was extremely ecstatic with the best of show wax the first time I used it on the Electric Blue paint. The bottom of my closet slowly began to fill with Griot's Garage products. The more and more I used Griot's Garage products the better the shine and appearance got.

Thank you so much for amazing car care products! They are one of a kind...the BEST!

Adam B.
Good Looking Roadster


Just wanted to say thanks to Griot's for helping me keep this 2005 Morgan Roadster looking good! This is one of only 200 2005 Roadsters in the USA!

Robert H.
Single Owner Camaro

I bought it new on July 12, 1967 - Marcia hadn't seen it until I drove it home from work that day. That night, a college fraternity brother had four tickets to see Sinatra in Chicago so that was Marcia's first ride in the car. It was stored in 1979 and had a frame off restoration started in 1998, the year I retired. It's a ball to go through the gears with the top down!!!

Wayne and Marcia R.
Factory Looking Finish

I just had to write you to let you know how impressed I am with your car care products. Last month I was down in Florida on vacation, and went to a car detail show at Autogeek in Stuart Florida. I entered a contest there, and won a $300 Griot's Garage Car Care Kit. I had it shipped to my house because I couldn't take it on a plane.

I'm not new to your products. When I purchased snow tire mounted on alloys wheels from The Tire Rack, one of my shipments included samples of your Wheel Cleaner and Paint Sealant. Those products worked so well, I ordered more from you.

Well here I am with all these products on its way, and after watching the demos at the show in Stuart FL, I had to get a polisher, pads, and some machine polish to try my hand at detailing. I ordered your 6" Random Orbital Polisher with pads and polish. When it arrived, I watched the DVD included with the polisher. I also read the detailers book included with the kit I won.

Today my daughter and I tackled her 2007 black Audi A4. We washed the car first (used your Microfiber Wash Mitt), then clayed the whole body with your Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine. I was impressed with the dirt left behind from washing, now on the clay. Then we polished the entire car, me on the machine and my daughter with a microfiber towel and the Speed Shine if needed. Then we used your Best of Show Wax® with the random orbital polisher, again me on the machine followed by my daughter with microfiber towel and Speed Shine. The paint looked like when the car was delivered!

But we were also very pleased with the Interior Cleaner, Leather Care, Wheel Cleaner, and Window Cleaner. Each product with it's own set of microfiber towels, all working as they were supposed to. Your Micro Fiber Drying Towel held more water than any cotton towel that I used in the past. I am now sold on the using microfiber products when detailing a car.

Richard R.
"Wow Factor Times Two"

Just detailed my 1988 Dodge Dakota yesterday and WOW!. Last week I washed and clayed the truck and used Paint Prep to get the others guys wax off. I then followed it with One-Step Paint Sealant and it looked great. I find that the 3" Radom Orbital really works well (I also have the 6" as well). I was thinking what would a coat or two of wax do? So I order Carnauba Wax Stick. I applied two coats over the paint sealent and the WOW factor times two! I have been using your products for about a year and they are second to none. I use Rubber Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, Glass Clay, Paint Clay,Bug Barricade, Interior cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Paint sealant, Machine Polish 2 and 3, Rubber Prep, Long Lasting Tire Dressing, One step Paint Sealant, Paint Sealant,Pre Wax Cleaner, Metal Polish Undercarriage Spray Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, And of course Speed Shine. I have all of the pads and clothes to get the job done as well. I have some of the Spray on Wax for the next time I wash it as well. The pictures don't lie, I just wanted everyone to see how a daily driver can look like car show queen. The paint is over 6 years old and looks new thanks to Groit's Garage products!!

"I'm Hooked On Your Products"

I've used many products over the years on several vehicles I've owned. None of them can compare to yours. The dealership I purchased my 2011 Mustang Roush Stage 2 from uses your car wax, tire dressing and other products on all the cars they sell. As you can see in the attached picture of my car, it sparkles and shines. Your products are spectacular.

I was so impressed with the flawless shine of my car, rims and tires, I went to local store that sells your products and purchased wax, tire dressing, applicators, brushes and a host of other items to maintain the brilliant look of my Roush and my wife's 2010 Mustang GT Premium.

I'm hooked on your products. They're easy to use and environmentally safe. My wife and I are constantly asked where we take our vehicles to get them professional detailed. We laugh and tell folks we clean and shine our own cars with Griot's products. Folks don't believe us until one of us pops our trunk open and shows them the wax, tire dressing and other products we carry around with us all the time. Folks are astounded that your products work so well.

Thanks for selling such great products. You have a customer for life.

Doug H.
A Mirror Finish

I've been using your products for years and have always been so extremely pleased with the results. I was enjoying a lazy day off and decided to wash and wax my 2009 Mercedes C350. Of course I used your Griot's Car Wash, your Micro Fiber Wash Pad, and then finished the job with your Best of Show Wax®. While I was removing the wax I was so surprised to see the reflection of the American Flag hanging by my garage door. I had to get this picture, not only to celebrate the wonderful products you make, but to also celebrate this remarkable and wonderful country that we have the privilege to live in.

My father was a 30 year Air Force veteran and taught me how to detail a car as a small child, he always put so much love into it. To this day, every time I wash and wax my cars I think of him. I wasn't sure if you can or want to use any of these pictures but I had to send them to you once I saw how well they came out. I use many of your products on both my cars (2010 C300 & 2009 C350) and do appreciate the quality of your products. Thank you.

Bob C.
Keep Them Looking Like New

I've enclosed a great picture of my son, Rainer, and me with our Mustangs. We use your products regularly to keep them looking like new. They are great looking cars. I actually purchased the 1992 GT new and gave it to him when he turned 17. I bought the 2012 California Special GT this past year to replace my need for a Pony Car and something to keep looking showroom sharp. My son got married this past November and this gave us the opportunity to put together the photo op you are seeing. I love the picture. Thanks for your outstanding products and keep up the good work.

Steve H.
"My Dad Was Very Impressed."

For a special Memorial Day event planned at our church I asked my 80 year old dad to bring one of his classic cars to showcase our country's great automotive history. He decided to bring his 1911 Ford Model T, but on one condition... That I shine up the car the day before. "No problem," I said! I use your products (like Speed Shine®) regularly on my 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP. After cleaning up the Model T with the help of my wife and 8 year old son, my dad was very impressed -- so I left him a copy of the Griot's catalog! The Model T runs great and now looks like new... Not bad for being over 100 years old!

Attached is a picture of my dad's Model T and also a picture of my Solstice (both taken over this past Memorial Day weekend). My dad is named Otto and is the gentleman pictured behind the steering wheel.

James S.
Fun And Rewarding

Dear Richard,

I have used your products since 2006. What an enjoyable experience is it to use your products. I wanted to share a photo of my 2006 Kawasaki Concours 1000. Your 3" Random Orbital along with the Paint Cleaning clay, Machine Polish 3 and Best Of Show Wax® does an outstanding job on my bike. The 3" Random Orbital works outstanding on the body work due to its small size. Everywhere I go people comment on how CLEAN the bike looks. When people run their hands over the tank they can not believe how smooth it is. I do a complete detail cleaning on the bike three times a year and once a week with Speed Shine®. Keep up the great work. You make cleaning my motorcycle fun and rewarding.

Bill E.
Best Of Show Winner

Dear Richard Griot,

I want to share my success story with you since I discovered Speed Shine®. Over the years, I have used many products on the exterior of my car but never have I found one that got the results that I do using Speed Shine. I have been using Speed Shine for the past two years on my Porsche Carrera 4S and I get fabulous results, my car has never looked better. This is by far the best product I have ever used! Not only do I think it is the greatest product, but so did the judges at an event that was held by the Porsche Club of America for the St. Louis Region this past September. I entered my car for the first time in this Porsche car show and my car took "Best of Show" out of 50+ cars. I hold this award up to Griot's Garage because of the success of this product.

Thank you for making a product that makes my car look so great!

Richard F.
Ten Years In The Making

Dear Griot's Garage,

I was 6 years old when we started a complete restoration on my 1964 Chevy Impala SS. I was 16 when we finished the car. My parents and I did most of the work ourselves and what a great time we had.

My mom says that Dad and I brag too much about the car, but I want to tell you some of the shows we have won with the help of your products. The car was featured on ESPN, won gold class at Super Chevy, won at Good-Guys, and scored a 1,000 of 1,000 at Classic Chevy.

Your products work great and smell good too. Being the girl that I am, the smell means a lot.

Thank you so much,
Kentucky Girl
Danielle T.
"It Came Out Great"

It is true, it does get easier the more you do something. I had done my daughter's Audi, then my wife's Mercedes, and today I did my Lexus RX-350. Your 6" Random Orbital and your supplies worked great. Lexus has a soft clear coat, and there were small scratches from washing by hand and drying with a terrycloth towel. No more... only microfiber from now on. It came out great.

Richard R.
"Exceeded ALL My Expectations!"


I've been a customer of yours for some time and with the last order I received recently the Premium Carnauba Paste Wax which is what prompted me to file this serious complaint!

My complaint being that I do not have enough vehicles to be able to use this incredible product! It goes on so easy, and comes off just as well, leaving a result that by far exceeded all my expectations!

I've been using your Speed Shine®, your Best Of Show Wax®, and your Finest Sprayers on my '96 Sentra, but now I tried this on my 2006 BMW 550i and the results were simply incredible! The proof of how your wax works is unbelievable! If you can show me a better wax than this I will purchase two and send you one! I say this mainly because I seriously doubt that you can find a better wax.

Gerry M.
Protecting Thomas' Investment


I have been using your products for about 8 months, after a friend of mine showed me how great your Speed Shine® worked. I use your Paint Sealant, as well as the Spray-On Wax and Speed Shine regularly. Aside from the fantastic look it gives my car, something happened not too long ago that amazed me so much that I had to write you. While driving home on my long commute from work I somehow ended up getting white paint splattered all over the hood, roof, and front of my car! Needless to say I was furious. The next day when it was light I went out to inspect the damage. To my amazement, just running my finger over the paint spots was enough to remove them! They slid right off! A quick spraying with a hose, and they were all gone! Your products not only made my car look fantastic, but truly protected the paint. With over 93,000 miles on my '04 Dodge SRT-4 I still get compliments on how great my paint looks!

Thanks for making such great products,
Thomas L.
A Flawless Finish

Now that's what you call clarity and depth. The best deserves the best, and this car only gets it. The beautiful and flawless finish was the result of a nice afternoon having fun in my garage with my Griot's Premium Carnauba Paste Wax, a 2012 Shelby GT350 convertible, and a little elbow grease. Richard, this stuff is a hit... So easy to apply and remove a caveman could do it. Makes waxing your car fun and exciting because of the end results.

Thanks for the great products and service,
Scott J.
"Better Than Showroom New"

My BMW is my pride and joy show car but that doesn't mean it isn't my daily driver as well. This 2009 335i XDrive Coupe has 60,000 miles on it and looks BETTER than showroom new thanks to Griot's Garage Products. The best part is that it isn't hard to achieve show quality results.

The picture attached is at Cars and Coffee after a 2000 Mile road trip, and yes it is still shining. People constantly ask me what my secret is and I am always prepared to say Griot's Garage. More specifically Best of Show Wax® has helped me achieve amazing results. While driving through rain, heavy hail, and extreme hot sun in 110 degree weather, nothing seemed to faze Best Of Show Wax®. I would watch the water bead right off, and when I got back home I couldn't believe what I saw... No water spotting and NO dirt. It looked like I had just washed my Bimmer. So guess what I did? I went to Cars and Coffee the next day and people thought I had just detailed it.

Thank you Griot's Garage for giving me car therapy and paint protection that lasts.

"Keep The Great Products Coming!"

Dear Griot's,

I've been detailing high-end cars for over 20 years. Over the years I've used quite a few of your products with great success. Just used the Premium Carnauba Paste Wax on this Ferrari 360 and I figured it made a nice pic. Keep the great products coming!!

Michael K.
"Your Products Work Great!"


We refer to our all original 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS as "The red car". We have owned it for over 31 years and it has won two national first place awards in its class thanks in part to the fantastic products from Griot's Garage. I especially like the Speed Shine. I use it before, during, and after all car shows. As you can see from the shine on this 47 year old paint, your products work great!!

Thank you for your great products!! Keep on keeping on :)

Terry M.
"The Results Speak For Themselves."

Dear Mr. Griot,

My grandfather and I used to have long talks about our vehicles, and about the many different products we tried to keep them sparking with. After he passed away, my mother handed me a box that had some misc. items of his inside. This box included unopened containers of Speed Shine®, Best of Show Wax®, and Machine Polish 3. I looked on Youtube, and before I knew it, I had watched a dozen Griot's videos. I also noticed how much people were raving about the Griot's Random Orbital. It was then that I remembered that my mother had given me another smaller box that was now hidden in my basement. Could it be? Yes, you guessed it- a brand new, unopened 6" Griot's Random Orbital that my grandfather had never had the chance to enjoy. I realized then that my Pap had been building the basics before he died- the essential Griot's products.

This past weekend, with my grandfather looking down on me from above, I stretched that paint cleaning clay across my Acura's Nighthawk Black Pearl Paint. I covered every inch of her chassis with Machine Polish 3. And finally, I lathered 3 coats of Best in Show Wax across that beauty. The results? Well, they speak for themselves.

Mr. Griot, your products are the highest quality car cleaning items I ever used. I have already purchased over a dozen items and my wish list continues to grow. Thanks for doing what you do so well...on behalf of not only me, but grandfather as well.

Peter N
It Looks As Good As New!

Mr. Griot,

I wonder if you will ever get sick of hearing from the "beginners"? I knew nothing about detailing cars, and purchased a Starter Car Care Kit to detail my wife's 2005 SLK last month. I hated caring for this black car until I tried your products. It was actually fun (really). The Random Orbital worked perfect, and I had the confidence to do this with the help of your awesome website videos. You know your car looks great when random people walk up and ask about your "new" car when it's really 6 years old! I will only be using your products from now on. The Speed Shine and Best Of Show Wax are front and center in my garage.

Ron and Jenn I.
Ed's Griotized Toyota

Hi Griot's,

I washed/Griotized the Boxster yesterday, then the A4 and Tercel this morning. Sure it is just a Turdcell, but I think the staging I did looks okay, and for me, there is fun and entertainment value in continuously improving whatever I own.

Take care,
"I Am Very Impressed."

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your products. I have been using your products for some time now. I emailed customer service and asked what would be good to remove oxidation on my fifth wheel and was told to use the One-Step Sealant. I never would of thought to use that. I used the one step sealant this weekend and I am very impressed. It was easy to use with my orbital polisher and it brought the gloss back to the fiberglass. What a wonderful product. I have attached a picture of my truck and fifth wheel to show you how good your products make both of them look. Thanks for making good products.

Bob P.
"The Video Excerpts Got Me Hooked."

Dear Mr. Griot,

I've always liked a good looking automobile. After making the purchase of a 2003 Toyota Camry at an estate sale, the next step was getting it back in shape. I started reading how easily your products worked. I went to your web site and the video excerpts got me hooked. I began ordering your products and the 6" Random Orbital. The results I feel speak for itself. I found that following your Instructional DVD inspiring, truthful and provided a sense of confidence that even this senior citizen could accomplish this task. This project was not only rewarding, it was fun. What a sense of accomplishment. Thank you.

Mike Counts On Griot's.

As a professional detailer, I have to use the best products to give me the best results in my detailing. When a client contacted me for a detail on his Ford GT for an upcoming photo shoot, I knew that I could count on Griot's products to help me get this car to a show-ready condition. Using Griot's Engine Cleaner, Griot's Rubber Cleaner, and Griot's Engine Dressing, this engine alone was poster worthy after being detailing with Griot's. Thanks Griot's Garage!"

Mike C
"The Car Has Never Looked So Good."

Here are the pictures of my car. It's a 2007 Dodge Charger in Plum Crazy Purple. I've been using Griot's for two years and the car has never looked so good. I love using your products so much that I use them at my detail shop. The slogan I wanted to use was the Master Card ads.

6" Orbital Bag Kit - $309
Man Hours - 4

Great products, easy to use, awesome results enough said.

Thanks for everything,
"So Rewarding!"

Dear Richard,

I want to Thank you for offering all the great car care products that help me to keep my Cadillacs in show room condition and to have fun in my garage! You really offer the best quality car care products in the market and I like your passion for cars!

We have two Cadillacs - a silver 2006 XLR and a black 2012 SRX. For the weekly detailing, I only use Griot's products. It's all easy to use and the results are always phenomenal - so rewarding! Recently I ordered your new Premium Carnauba Paste Wax. I used it this weekend on my XLR - very easy to apply and buff. The results are outstanding!! Best of Show Wax always gives great protection, depth, and clarity but your new paste wax increases even that to a perfect glossy shine - they are now a perfect combination for me!

My Cadillacs and I will be a customer and Griot's fan for Life!

Thank you,
Peter K.
"I Will Never Use Anything Else"

Hello Richard,

Here are a couple of pics of my 2009 Mercedes-Benz. This is my fifth Mercedes-Benz, and they only get Griot's products used on them! I started using your wonderful Car Care line about 5 years ago and I will never use anything else! It is over and above just superior to all other products that I have tried other the years.

Thank You,
Louis M.
Perfection on 4 (and 2) Wheels

I enjoy seeing the exotic cars in your Garage Handbook, but what I really enjoy are the daily drivers kept looking great with Griot's products. My truck is a 2003 GMC Sierra Denali with Quadrasteer 245,500 + miles. I keep my GMC looking sharp inside and out with your great products. I also use Speed Shine and Wheel Cleaner on my 2008 Segway.. It's a daily driver too. I ferry across the Hudson River and scoot around Manhattan five days a week. Both the GMC and Segway are hand washed by me every week, Griot's products only!

Jack S.
Paul's All-Original Goat


I want to commend your company for producing such high quality products. I have been overly impressed with the results of your Best of Show Wax on my 1967 GTO. As the original owner of this classic muscle car, I am selective with car waxes for my non-clearcoated beauty. The 45-year-old factory paint looks showroom new and really turns heads. When asked what I use to keep my baby in concours condition, I tell them Griot's.

Paul M.
Automobili molto belle!

Your products are the best I have ever used! I only trust the best when it comes to detailing my Italian cars. I enjoy taking the day detailing them with your products as much as driving them! 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 , 2011 Maserati Granturismo S.

Best Regards.
Tom M.
King of the Road

Just finished using my Griot's Random Orbital with Machine Polish 3 followed up by your Paint Sealant on my 36 foot Tiffin Allegro motorhome. It was a big job, but with Griot's Garage products, it went very smoothly and the results speak for themselves.

Chris T.
Mack's Trio of Griot'd Audis

I come from 3 generations of car guys and when I first learned about Griot's products in '09 from a friend, I was hesitant, as I had never heard of them before. 3 years later and I am happy to say that from towels to cleaners to vacuums, nothing touches my cars that isn't Griot's approved. My utilization of Griot's has spawned numerous new customers, my Father included. My pops and I continue to compete to see who has more of your products in our garage.

A few months after I discovered Griot's, I bought a used Porsche Cayenne S whose finish had been badly neglected. I thought to myself, "Now here's a test for Griot's." When I traded in the Cayenne last month, I asked the dealership what they thought about the car's finish. Their response was simply, "Excellent." I drove home that night in a 2011 Prestige edition Audi Q5. When shipping my '04 TT from Tennessee back to Washington in '10, the courier's condition report stated "exceptional" thanks to your Machine Polish & Wax Kit.

I have attached a picture of my "family" and I promise that only your fine products will grace these vehicles' surfaces. Even my daughter's "mini Quattro" is cleaned with your Plastic Cleaner. I routinely fight the urge to use my 6" orbital on it (when is the 1" orbital hitting the market?!). We start 'em young in my house and we always have fun in my garage.

Mack S.
"Miss December"


We have harsh conditions here with high UV, very cold temperatures, salted highways, and an abundance of Cottonwood sap and droppings. Fortunately, I have a cabinet full of your products, and they work so well that my '64 C made 'Miss December' in the Porsche calendar.

I stop by your store whenever I am in Tacoma. Thanks for brightening up our world.

Ned H.
One Clean, Green Snake

I thought Id take the opportunity to send over some shots of my '09 Viper Coupe that I just detailed.

Thanks for making some great products,
Jim N.
Jan Experiences Perfection

Dear Mr Griot,

I just wanted and needed to say thank you for what you are doing for all of us novices, especially me! I tried your products and have educated myself from your website. I took the plunge because you made it look so simple and your videos demonstrated exactly what I needed to use and just how to use them. Of course the money back guarantee helped me make the decision. Your products not only gave me more than fantastic results, they are fail safe and easy to use. I have had only success with your product line.

Attached are pics of my first project. The swirls, hazing, oxidation, and light scratches... gone! The Black Vinyl Top Reconditioner was like a miracle in a bottle. I followed all your steps from beginning to end on the Pony.

I always tell people I do not do body work or paint. What I do is bring out the best shine possible with the paint they have on their car and protect it as well.

I got insane on the Pony and did the 3 coats of the Best of Show Wax like you show in your video. It was just too awesome! My brother in law was speechless when he picked it up. Thank You. I have decided to do a little detailing on the side because I just love it, and 10 customers later, I have had nothing but "WOW" out of each one. I think the best part of it all is when my guests see their ride for the first time after I detail it with your products. Have you ever seen a face just go blank, and the jaw drop down and mouth open up and the eyes glaze over? Well after about 1 minute, they begin to talk and then touch their car like it was a fragile flower. I just love it.

Thank you for your product line and education.
Jan E.

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