Micro Fiber FAST Pads. Supercharge your defect removal and finishing capabilities. These innovative pads magnify the effectiveness of our polishes, waxes, and sealants, delivering a glossy, swirl-free finish faster than foam.
Tuned Foam Interface. A thick, foam shock-absorber improves conformity to body contours producing swirl-free clarity and a fine finish. Plush Nap Micro Fiber. Dynamic motion amplifies defect removal for FAST correction and finishing.
Thermoset Bonding. Heat and chemical proof permanent bond for long life and machine washability. Premium Loop Attachment. Durable nylon loop for long-lasting attachment to the backing plate and easy removal.
Micro Fiber FAST Finishing Pads are available in three sizes! Buy Now
Micro Fiber FAST Cutting Pads. For severe paint defects* With no foam interface, our FAST Cutting Pad gives you better direct energy transfer from maching to paint surface, optimizing speed and performance. *For advanced and professionally skilled users. Buy Now
What's the difference between Mico Fiber FAST Pads and Foam Pads?