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Increased Airflow Anti-Jam Couplers for Compressor
Quick Connecting, Quick Release Increased Airflow Couplers For Your Compressor
I'm always moving stuff around the garage, and my air tools are no exception. Whether it is swapping a new hose onto my Portable Air Compressor or moving my Professional Air Hose & Reel to a different source, this set ends the frustration of disconnecting and reconnecting air hoses to the source. You can now enjoy the same smooth quick connecting, quick release action you get with our other Increased Airflow Anti-Jam Couplers at the other end of your air hose. You'll also notice these couplers have a large diameter air passage allowing more air to flow through the hose. Your set includes a 1/4" threaded NPT male coupler to attach to your compressor along with a 1/4" NPT threaded female coupler to attach to the male end of your air hose. Fill the much needed gap in your increased airflow system, and enjoy the best! Quality made for you and me in Denmark.
Increased Airflow Anti-Jam Coupler Set for Compressor
1/4" Male Anti-Jam Coupler for Compressor
1/4" Female Plug Anti-Jam Coupler for Compressor
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