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2-Tube Fluorescent Fixture
Eliminate Eye Strain With This Ultra-Bright, Twin Tube Light System
Getting old ain't for sissies. I'm finding I need brighter and brighter light to read and work on my projects. These are the same as the professional, high quality, tri-phosphor, 5000 degrees Kelvin (natural light) 6-Tube and 4-Tube Fluorescent Fixtures that we sell, but in a compact, twin tube design. These lights operate with an electronic (solid state) ballast to eliminate buzzing and flickering. Turn on the light, and they come on in an instant! You'll also see true color, and your eyes won't be straining to see any project you're working on. The real advantage to this fixture is the proprietary 96% specular modular reflectors, which harvest all of the usable light focusing it on the work space. Combine that with the T8 tri-phosphor bulbs and you get 7,080 lumens of ultra-bright light outputting a staggering 150 foot-candles of true color light onto a 42" high work surface (when mounted to a 9 foot ceiling). Put one of these above every work station and finally see what you're working on. 2-Tube Fluorescent Fixture measures 48 1/4" x 10" x 3 5/16" (4.2 lbs). Made in the U.S.A.
2-Tube Fluorescent Fixture
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