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3M Specialty Adhesive Remover, 15 Ounces
Safely And Easily Remove Tar, Grease, Oil, Tree Sap, Bugs, And Adhesive Residue
I use this for cleaning almost everything. It quickly removes road tar, reactive adhesives, new car cosmoline, wax, oil, and other contaminants without a fuss. Spray the aerosol directly on a surface and it's safe on cured paint, chrome, and metal surfaces. Spray a little in the cap and use a detailing swabs for fine detail work. Spray some on a wipe down towels or a cloth for controlled use. Always wear our Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves to protect your skin and proper eye protection when using this cleaner. Not for use on fresh paint. 15 ounce, VOC compliant aerosol.
3M Specialty Adhesive Remover, 15 Ounces
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