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6 Red Foam Wax Pads
6" Red Foam Wax Pads
Safely Wax With These Soft, Foam Pads
There's no better way to apply wax to your finish. The soft, 6" diameter Red Foam Wax Pad puts down a thin, even coat that not only contributes to easy wax removal but uniform color as well. Delivers the correct amount of wax to the paint's surface in a non-aggressive manner. Holds the wax on the surface (unlike cotton pads that soak up wax). It is easily cleaned using Micro Fiber & Foam Pad Cleaner, or warm, soapy water. Safe and easy for proper hand or Random Orbital wax application.
6" Red Foam Wax Pad
6" Red Foam Wax Pads, Set of 3
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