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Bug Barricade, One Gallon
Bug Barricade, One Gallon
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Bug Barricade Makes Removing Bug Jerky A Breeze
Our Bug Off! was a hit, but in my constant quest to strive for perfection I re-released it with a new and improved formula and name. With Bug Barricade you'll get the same type of protective coating you enjoyed with Bug Off! with an easier to apply formula that is twice as slippery to prevent bugs from sticking in the first place! Simply spray Bug Barricade on the surface (right over your wax) and spread it evenly with a soft micro fiber cloth. Its high lubricity helps prevent bugs from sticking to the surface. Now you have an invisible, water-soluble barrier so when you wash your vehicle after a summer drive the bugs come right off! Works on paint, plastic, rubber, chrome, and trim. Now all you have to worry about are the deer and those texting drivers!
Bug Barricade, One Gallon
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