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Griot's Garage Detailing Stick System
Griot's Garage Detailing Stick System
Get The Tight Spaces Clean With These Great Tools
Griot's Garage Detailing Stick System is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1.
This system is designed to clean tight, hard-to-reach areas. Forget about using a screwdriver with a towel on the end. The assorted tips are chemical and petroleum resistant so you can soak the cloth in a cleaner if needed. The tempered aluminum shafts are coated with a chemical resistant clear vinyl so they won't scratch or mar a fine finish. Safe for use on chrome, billet aluminum, powder coating and painted surfaces (provided you're nice and gentle). Set includes: four handles: 12" Straight, 6" Straight, 6" 45-Degree, 6" 90-Degree, seven plastic heads: 1" Long Flat, 4 1/4" Long Flat, 1" Chisel Head, 1/2" Chisel Head, 3/4" Paddle Head, Ball Head, Cone/Pick Head, two Ferrule Connectors, two Butt-Ends and a handy storage pouch. Perfect inside or outside your vehicle on vents and other hard-to-reach areas. Engine compartments? Did I mention engine compartments? You get the picture... Add our Micro Fiber Detailing Socks for quick, safe and easy detailing. Offered in sets of four: including two 6" long and two 16" long detailing socks. Washable and reusable. Enjoy easier detailing!
Griot's Garage Detailing Stick System
Micro Fiber Detailing Socks, Set of 4
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