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Paint Prep, 35 Ounces
Paint Prep, 35 Ounces
Quickly Remove Old Waxes And Polysilicones Before Polishing, Waxing, Or Sealing
If you've been using other brands of polish and wax, they may contain silicone and synthetic oils. Our Paint Prep is more effective at removing all of the old waxes, sealants, polysilicones, and oils so our car care products can properly bond to the surface. Paint Prep is easy to use, and is safe for vinyl and rubber. This is also the perfect prep for any painting project. Eliminates fish eyes that occur when silicone isn't cleaned from a surface before applying paint. Don't let your paint project be ruined by skipping this simple, yet important, step. Safely cleans walls and any painted surface too. (35 ounce bottle comes with high-quality Finest Sprayer IV).
Paint Prep, 35 Ounces
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