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Interior Kit
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Get What You Need For A Spotless Interior: Our Interior Kit
Interior Kit is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2.
It doesn't take much to keep the interior of your car spotless. I always say, get the right tools for the job and the project is easy! With our Interior Kit you'll easily be able to take out grease spots on carpets, ground in dirt on leather and remove dust and smudges from your dash and other interior parts. Use the two Green Micro Fiber Cloths to clean the seats and dash. Use one with the 35 ounce bottle of Interior Cleaner and keep the other one damp to remove the left-over residue. After everything is clean, protect your dash and other trim with our 8 Ounce Vinyl & Rubber Dressing and Blue Detail Sponge. Perfect around the house, too!
Interior Kit
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