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Knuckle Saver Wheel Cleaning Tool Kit
This Finger-Friendly Kit Safely Cleans Your Expensive Wheels
The intricate designs of today's wheels are easy on the eyes when you're looking at them, but tough on the knuckles when it comes to keeping them clean. I have conceived this kit to get the right tools in (and on) your hands for a great price. The kit includes a Wheel Scrubber Brush and a two-pack of Three-Finger Detail Mitts, giving you the muscle to clean behind the wheel face and other areas where brake dust and road grime live, as well as the finesse to work the tight spaces on the wheel face and outer rim. Wedge-shaped and made from a soft, porous synthetic material, our Wheel Scrubber Brush is ideal for use on all types of wheels. Three-Finger Detail Mitts are sewn on the inside to keep the stitching off your wheels and are also great for applying Vinyl & Rubber Dressing and Leather Care. Supplies of these kits is limited, so act fast.
Knuckle Saver Wheel Cleaning Tool Kit
Was: $13.99
Now: $5.99
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