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Metal Cleaner, 17 Ounces
Metal Cleaner, 17 Ounces
Cleans, Brightens & Protects All Your Bare Naked Metal Surfaces
Bare metal surfaces are a challenge to clean and keep clean! Here's a product that not only quickly removes those unsightly fingerprints and smudges, but Metal Cleaner also leaves behind a non-sticky coating that stops new fingerprints from appearing! The foaming action of this aerosol spray helps keep the cleaner on the metal much better than liquid cleaners. Simply spray on and wipe with a clean cloth. Stainless steel, bare steel, brass, even dull aluminum, and chrome, a significant amount of oils and dirt can be removed. Ideal in the garage and on all new stainless steel appliances found in the home. Large 17 ounce can.
Metal Cleaner, 17 Ounces
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