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Micro Fiber Wash Mop Heads, Set of 2
Our Awesome Micro Fiber Wash Mitt On An Extendable Pole
How do you top washing a car with our Micro Fiber Wash Mitt? Put it on an extendable pole and wash any vehicle quicker than you ever have before! Benefits? Your hands stay dry, you expend a lot less energy during your wash sessions, and you save time. Gone are the days of bending over to clean the rocker panels or getting out a ladder to clean the vehicle's roof. This system is perfect for large cars, trucks, SUV's, trailers, and motor homes! The Wash Mop Stick Kit includes two custom sewn, hook-and-loop attached Mop Heads, a swiveling mop head holder (9" long x 3 5/8" wide), and a telescoping (44" to 73") stainless steel handle with a centrally located soft foam grip to provide comfort and control.
Micro Fiber Wash Mop Heads, Set of 2
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