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Orbital One-Step Sealant Kit
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A Machine Kit For Those With Little Time
Designed as the perfect kit to care for and maintain your every day driver or vehicles you don't want to wax three or four times a year. Begin by using the Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine® for a fast, easy, and thorough removal of contaminants. Next, use One-Step Sealant on the Orange Foam Correcting Pad. Want to remove even more swirl marks? Use the One-Step Sealant again and feel totally safe! Use Spray-On Wax every time you wash your vehicle to keep your paint clean and protected. It leaves behind a protective coat of wax to enhance the One-Step Sealant. Complete instructions for proper use are included with your random orbital. If you don't want to wax your car several times a year but still want to give it a year's worth of protection, this is the perfect car care kit for you. Enjoy the best! Choose from a 10' (18 AWG) or Extra-Long 25' (16 AWG) power cord option that makes working around the entire vehicle a breeze!
Orbital One-Step Sealant Kit
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