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Compact Portable Jump Starter, 900 Amp
A Compact 12-Volt Starter That Packs A Punch When You Need To Jump A Dead Battery
This jump starter gives you the perfect balance of power plus portability. Inside its compact 9" L x 7" T x 6 3/4" W housing is a professional-grade AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery that delivers 900 peak amps of starting power. Unlike the similar units with a standard lead acid battery, this unit will provide 10 to 30 jump starts on a single 24 hour charge and the battery won't deteriorate over time should you forget to charge it regularly. At the end of the 27" long, heavy-duty 4-gauge cables are full size, insulated clamps that grab tight and store neatly on the side of the unit when not in use. A handy LED battery status indicator is located on the control panel and lets you know when the unit needs a charge. Plus, there's a built in flashlight and 12V power outlet you can use to recharge your cell phone and other accessories (12V power outlet has a maximum 10 amp capacity). With its compact size and light, 9 pound weight, put one of these in every trunk and hit the road with complete confidence. For use with 12-volt charging systems. Wall charger included.
Compact Portable Jump Starter, 900 Amp
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