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Rolling Infrared Heater
Infrared Heat; A Better Way To Get Warm
Compared to other heaters, I found this model to be the easiest to use and provides the most efficient use of energy for delivering heat. The electric infrared heat source works like the sun's infrared energy (different from ultraviolet light, which causes sunburns). It heats people and objects directly which then radiate in the form of warm convection air (unlike other heating units which warm the air first and then objects). Aim it at the floor and the floor heats up, radiate its warmth to your body and bam, you're nice and toasty. The rolling stand has four 2" casters and allows you to move the heat source to wherever you are working. Heats an area approximately 10' x 12' when positioned at the top of the stand. You should not use it in wet conditions, near gas water heaters, or chemicals with explosive gasses like fuel or paint. The height is adjustable up to 62" tall. The base is 30" long by 26 1/2" wide. The replaceable 1,500 watt quartz infrared tube lasts 5,000 hours and delivers 5,120 BTU's. Comes with a six foot power cord for standard 120V current. UL rated. An on-off switch is located in the back. Now you can play in your garage in the winter! Made in the U.S.A.
Rolling Infrared Heater
Was: $239.00
Now: $189.99
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