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Spray-On Wax & Flexible Water Blade Kit
Spray-On Wax & Flexible Water Blade Kit
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Dry Faster And Get Better Results
I've created this kit to reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve fantastic looking paint. After every washing, enhance your paint with our Spray-On Wax and get a glossy, "just waxed" finish. Simply wash and rinse your vehicle. Wipe the surface with the Water Blade, apply Spray-On Wax, and dry. You'll get a shiny just-waxed look. This kit includes a 35 ounce bottle of Spray-On Wax, Finest Sprayer IV, our super thirsty, Ultra Thick Micro Fiber Towel to buff and dry, and our Flexible Water Blade that safely removes 90% of the water before drying. A brilliant shine that's fast, safe, fun and easy!
Spray-On Wax & Flexible Water Blade Kit
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