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2 Pound Bag Of Stinky-Be-Gone®
2 Pound Bag Of Stinky-Be-Gone®
The Odor Super-Neutralizer!
Stinky-Be-Gone® is better than ever! Have an SUV that is a rolling fast food cafeteria? Place a two pound bag of Stinky-Be-Gone® under the seat and it will knock out those odors and eliminate musty, stale air as well. Reduces even nauseous oil and gasoline fumes! Simply place the bag outside in direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours to recharge. Nontoxic, environmentally safe and has a grommet for easy hanging. Uses Zeolite; an odor neutralizing mineral. Lasts forever. Nontoxic and safe.
2 Pound Bag Of Stinky-Be-Gone®
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