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Uber-Soft Disposable Surface Care Cloths, 140 Count
An Ultra Soft Durable Disposable Polishing and Cleaning Cloth
These are ultra soft disposable cloths for use with our Speed Shine®, Spray-On Wax, Spray-On Car Wash, Fine Hand Polish and Metal Polish. They're for those times you don't want to dirty your nice micro fiber cloths, like polishing bare metal or when the weather outside is nasty and you're cleaning dirty wheels in the garage. These cloths are very soft yet strong and durable. They have tiny holes allowing contaminants to be carried inside the cloth and away from your paint surface. They are also great for removing polish and for clean up. Gentle on the surface and much safer than traditional paper towels. Each cloth is 15" x 16 1/2". Comes in a package of 140 sheets with an easy to pull design.
Uber-Soft Disposable Surface Care Cloths, 140 Count
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