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Ultimate Micro Fiber Car Duster
Ultimate Micro Fiber Car Duster
The Finest Micro Fiber Car Duster Ever Made
There are micro fiber car dusters, and then there is THE Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Car Duster. Others just push the dust around your surface; ours actually picks up the dust and holds onto it! You'll see the white fibers turning a dusty black letting you know that the dust is being contained. The days of using a smelly, cotton paraffin car duster is over! "Good riddance", I say. Our lightweight, foam-coated handle makes it easy to hold on to, and prevents it from scratching your paint like those plastic and wood handles ones do. Measures 25" long, includes a storage bag, and is hand washable when it looks filthy. Use this first, followed by our Speed Shine®, and you may never wash your car again. Step up to perfection.
Ultimate Micro Fiber Car Duster
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