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Water Conservation Wash Kit
Save $8.98!
Save Time, Money And Hundreds Of Gallons Of Water
Water Conservation Wash Kit is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1.
Washing a car can use hundreds of gallons of water. Use as little as 15 and still clean your vehicle safely with our low-flow Multi-Pattern Nozzle. Start with a quick rinse using the "shower" setting. Switch the valve to apply Car Wash from the built-in chamber and gently wipe away dirt with our soft, Micro Fiber Wash Mitt. Switch back to rinse and wash away the suds and dirt. It's best to use a steady flow instead of a mist. I suggest rinsing your mitt often with a stream of clean water to reduce any risk of inducing swirl marks. Enjoy a quick, safe, and environmentally-thoughtful wash process today! For a complete listing of items included in this kit, see the Product Information tab below.
Water Conservation Wash Kit
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