Richard's Top 3
Foaming Tips


Foam application. Here's a 2-fer. First, you don't need to pre-rinse just spray the foam on a dry surface and let the lubricity in the suds work its magic. Secondly, apply the foam from the bottom up. This gives you maximum dwell time so the foam can clean more deeply.


Rinse right. When rinsing, use methodical, overlapping passes to ensure complete removal of abrasive contaminants. While most of the dirt sheets to the ground in the foam, it is imperative that the surface is particle-free, especially if following up with a mitt wash is in the cards.


Pre-treat. For heavily soiled surfaces it is wise to pre-treat with Foaming Surface Wash diluted at 10:1 (10 ounces water to 1 ounce concentrate). This is especially true in the wet and snowy months when that unpleasant road film can really take hold.

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