"Life is all in the details..."

Hello Richard,

I just received my latest catalog today, and browsing through it brought back memories of all the moments spent in the garage using your terrific products on my cars over the years. In fact, I spent so much time on projects in the garage that I decided to build a chair out there to sit back in, relax, have a beer, and enjoy admiring the fruits of my labors.

I got a little carried away.

Now I use your products from the Random Orbital and Metal Polish, to Leather Care, to the Micro Fiber Cloths and the Best of Show Wax on my chair! Currently I'm building another chair so I have something to sit in to admire the first.

My wife thinks I might have lost my mind, and I would care if only I could remember her name.

Life is all in the details, don't you agree?

Best regards,
Gene G.


Still Having Fun In The Garage


You invited me to send you photos of me when I was three to use on your website. I could not find any of me, but I found some of my son, Ryan. The first photo shows Ryan (age 4 months) and me in my garage about 1983. He seems excited to sit in his Mustang convertible next to my 1965 Convertible. I painted the pedal car to match my car... just having some fun in the garage.

Thanks for all your wonderful products. I wish I had access to products as great as yours back in the 70's and 80's. We still have fun in the garage.

Tom H.


"Thank you so much..."

To everyone at Griot's Garage, thank you so much for the outstanding line of car care products. My father began using Griot's products about 15 years ago, and after seeing the results, I was sold and have been a loyal user since. From various luxury cars, to the family truck, and even my new favorite toy we have both found your products to be simply superior.

So, thanks again to everybody for your great customer service and your excellent cleaners and tools!

Evan M.


Jim's Red Rover Shines Like New

Dear Richard,

Attached is a picture of my 2000 Land Rover Discovery II. I purchased this vehicle used in 2004 with 42,000 miles. Since that time I have exclusively used Griot's Garage products. After a particularly rough Chicago winter, I clay barred it by hand, polished using Machine Polish 3 and your Random Orbital, and finished up using the Paint Sealant. When possible I wash it at home using your Boar's Hair Brush and Car Wash.

The black trim needed some TLC so I used your Bumper & Trim Reconditioner. The difference was remarkable! With over 93,000 miles it now looks new!

Thanks for your great products and great service.

Jim B.


Greeted By Griot's

I've been spending a lot of time out of town for work lately. That's fine, but it's also nice to come home. This is a picture of what greets me when I pull in the garage. My wife talks about comfort food, these are my comfort products! I like having the products out and accessible and Griot's makes that possible with the racks. This wall puts a smile on my face every time I pull in the garage.

Jeff S.


Having Fun With Street Rodding

I have been using Griot's products on my 1940 Chevy Coupe for several years. I have owned the car since purchasing it from my brother in May, 1959. In 1995, I completed its latest rebuild, with Street Rods by Denny doing the majority of the work. We installed complete running gear from a 1985 Corvette which has given me a really great "ride". I have taken trips to Louisville for the 2006 NSRA Street Rod Nationals. Upon returning from the Nationals, I decided to upgrade the engine transmission to a 2006 Chevy LS 2 with L65E transmission. This led to a run to Southern California to visit Chip Foose's shop.

We put a few thousand miles on it each year, enjoying the fun of street rodding. After and during each major outing, I use Griot's products. I really like the Machine Polish & Wax System. They really bring out the beauty of the workmanship done by Denny Olson.

Jim P.


"I am thrilled..."

I've been using your products for about the last five years. I've used them on both of the Infiniti vehicles we own. I drive a 2002 Infiniti QX4. When I take it to the dealer for service, I always get asked if the car is new. It looks as good as it does because of the Griot's products I have been using. The paint looks new and I get lots of compliments.

Now here is the reason I'm writing to you. Last week I purchased a used 2007 Vespa 250 GTS scooter. I bought it from the original owner who kept it very clean. Not a mark on it. After I drove it home, the very next day, I washed the bike off and wanted to see if your products could make my new commuting scooter look even better. I washed the scooter with your Car Wash and the road dirt melted away. After I dried it off, I broke out the Best of Show Wax. I buffed off the wax and WOW! I thought I had a brand new scooter right from the show room floor! I couldn't believe how shiny the paint finish was. My neighbors thought I was getting it ready for a scooter show. I am thrilled how my scooter looks after only the first application. I used the Glass Polish on the windshield and Speed Shine® on the remaining parts.

I've looked at your website and have seen the other customers who have used Griot's products. Lots of great cars, pickup trucks, etc. I haven't seen any motorcycles or scooters. I always look forward to seeing the next catalog and notice your pictures consist of a lot of Italian vehicles. So after taking this picture, since Vespa is made in Italy, I thought you might like to let your customers know how good the product works on scooters and motorcycles as well. I will continue to use Griot's products for a long time to come.

Mike M.


Philip's Showroom Shine

Hi, just wanted to share a quick testimonial and a picture. I live in a South Florida townhome community without garages, so between the rain, sun, and humidity, I really put things to the test. Seven years ago, a friend recommended your Best of Show Wax and I've been a customer ever since. My vehicles get used for commuting, road trips or hauling moutain bikes and kayaks. Your wax, polish, and of course Speed Shine® (the best!!) make keeping them pristine easier. In fact I just sold the car I started using Griot's on ('99 Toyota with 155K miles) and the showroom shine inside/out was a big plus in selling it quickly.

Anyway, attached is a picture I took of the hood of my 2007 Honda Accord after applying a few coats of Best of Show Wax by hand. I may use my Griot's Random Orbital on it someday, but so far it's coming out great by hand. The reflection is of my palm trees, fence, and sky. I have yet to figure out what the brown square is on the passenger fender. Maybe a UFO saw the shine and came in for a closer look.

Thanks for the great products!!!

Philip J.


A Perfect Pair

The two AC Cobras you see in the attached photo are His and Hers. Mine is the '65 silver one with a 408 stroker and the Inglese/Fast FI (dyno'd at 575lb/ft and 570hp). Very impressive meat eater. Hers is the beautiful (thanks to you guys and your great products) black one. A genuine 390FE fire breather stroked to 427ci with a massive 4 barrel to feed her 485 horses.

My wife learned to drive a standard shift in her Cobra at 60 years young. She decided to replace the 4 speed top loader for a more manageable C6 auto. The clutch proved to be a little too much pressure on her left leg. When Carroll Shelby built a Cobra for his own driving, he elected to put an auto into it for the same reason, even though it was a Cobra with dual superchargers.

Since we are both retired, we have plenty of time to enjoy our passions. We did have 4 motorcycles, but did not want to take the risks that come from riding bikes. We became aquainted with your products during our motorcycle years. I still have one "custom" bike that we show with our Cobras. The bike combines the black and Silver of our Cobras and the display is awesome when we show them together.

I've been blessed with a wife who is genuine "grease monkey". We have a Backyard Buddy car lift in our 50's style 24X30 garage/playhouse, and she is constantly working on her "baby". She has gotten the nickname of "Snake Lady" around our South Texas area at car shows and restaurants. Needless to say, when she first used your products she was thrilled. You can see from the photo the sparkling results. We spend many, many hours in our garage with our toys. Remember when you wished you could re-live the 50's-60's era? Well, we are.

Top of the Line products, gentlemen. Thank you.

Stacy and Sylvia B.M


Chuck Has A New Favorite

Mr. Griot:

I have accumulated a host of your car care products and tools over the years. I have found them all to be excellent and perform as advertised or above expectations. Up until recently my favorite Griot's product combination was your Paint Cleaning Clay, Machine Polish, and Best of Show Wax, all applied with the Random Orbital. While I certainly have not come close to having used everything in your catalog (now, that would be an interesting objective) I have found a new favorite. I purchased your Spray-On Wax and the Micro Fiber Drying Towel this summer. I use Speed Shine® on my cars about every third or fourth cleaning and immediately prior to car shows. So, after reading the description of the Spray-On Wax I decided it would be interesting to try it and see if it would fill in the gaps between the Speed Shine and a complete wax job. I have been amazed by the quality of the shine I have been getting with the Spray-On Wax! I have also found that the Micro Fiber Drying Towel is an essential partner with the Spray-On Wax. For whatever reason that towel enhances the shine much better than other towels I have, including your Ultra Thick Micro Fiber Towel that I also use. I just finished washing and using the Spray-On Wax on my 19' fiberglass fishing boat this evening and found it also works great on my boat too. I will continue my search for other Griot's products that might unseat the current favorite in the future.

Chuck M.


Another Customer For Life

I originally ordered the 3" Random Orbital Kit for my Harley Davidson. The former owner took very good mechanical care of the bike... not so much with the paint. It looked like it was washed with a Scotchbrite and sometimes wiped off with a dirty rag. It did have some shine, but mostly swirl marks. So I used Machine Polishes 1-3, and then did the 3+3+24hr Best of Show Wax process. Unbelievable results and products. You definitely have a customer for life. Thanks again!

Ash F.


Quality's Reflected In The Results

I have wanted to let you all know how great your products perform, but I guess you already know that. Attached are pictures of my '68 Camaro which bears the reflections of your products. Since I started using your polishes and wax, I have taken an average paint job and made it into an outstanding finish.

I normally don't talk up products because they all-too-often don't live up to their advertising. Yours are the exception. I have also found a good use for your old catalogs. I keep them in the trunk of my Camaro and when I am asked about the car's finish I not only tell them about your product, but I also offer them a catalog.

Thanks for helping to make my hobby more enjoyable.
Ken F.


Protecting Bill's Heirloom


I am attaching a recent picture of my 1966 Mustang convertible. This car was originally purchased for my mother when it was new and has been in our family ever since. This is the car that I took my drivers test in long ago! After searching for years to find a restorer, I found that one of my neighbors owns a body shop that does beautiful restorations. The results speak for themselves. Of course, only Griot's products are used to showcase our heirloom.

Thanks for all the great products, service, and education.
Bill R.


"Nothing short of spectacular."

I've been using your products exclusively for years now on all my cars. From your Paint Cleaning Clay to Paint Sealant on my everyday drivers, to the Best Of Show and caranuba waxes on my "fun" cars... Plus Speed Shine, Leather Care, Wheel Cleaner, and much more. A couple years ago, I started using your Random Orbital and it has been fantastic. The depth and shine I have on all my vehicles is nothing short of spectaluar.

I've attached a couple pictures of my current "garage queen". When I first purchased this Ferrari the battery went down within 2 weeks of not driving it. I then purchased your Battery Manger IV and I have not had any issues since.

Thanks for making such incredible products.
Jeffrey W.


Victor Volkswagen: A Trusted Friend

From a 60-mile-per-day commuter car on the Los Angeles Freeways in his (and my) youth, to grocery wagon and errand-runner during my early married years in Seattle, to a second/third/sometimes fourth car after a move to Portland... Venerable Victor Volkswagen has never let me down.

He schlepped my kids during their early months in hand-me-down car seats, hauled them and their friends to after-school activities and suffered through their first driving lessons as teenagers. His rear bench seat has supported countless bags of groceries, kitty litter and gardening products; hauled friends (and their stuff), stashed over-stuffed duffel bags crammed with vacation tee-shirts and shorts; found room to hold accessories and parts for my motorcycle, and other cars.

With sunroof open wide, he proudly carried an eight-foot Christmas tree home, plus countless other items I've acquired and transported during the twists and turns of my personal roadmap. From age 25 to 70 he's been my constant companion; an old and trusted friend. His leakproof metal sunroof has protected me from rain, snow, ice and hailstones, but with an occasional quick crank of the grey plastic knob, the warm sun still shines in on my gray head.

His original Blaupunkt AM-FM-Marine band radio entertains me with clear reception from San Francisco and Seattle. Showing 160,000 miles on his VDO odometer, his original engine still starts instantly, snicks into gear eagerly, and willingly chugs down the road, always ready to go without protest.

In 45 years, he's been washed and waxed by hand (by me) with every brand of car care product, but especially looks good these past few years. Why? Griots Garage, of course. Not a bad investment for the hard-earned $1,330 listed on the original invoice. And, no, he's not for sale.

Diane B.


Rob's Having Fun In His Garage

I've admired your products, website, and just about everything you do for years yet never believed that your stuff could be that much different.

This spring, I had the opportunity to use your Speed Shine for the first time, and I was quickly in love with not just how it works, but that it really is the easiest and best I've tried over the years for this solution. It goes on easy, comes off crystal clean, and leaves me very satisfied with the look and feel of the paint surface. So, I ordered a gallon for me and my Dad.

I thought I'd give the Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner a try and, guess what, same result. It works so well that, while I have always thought my wheels were the cleanest around, they are now for sure. Again, easy to use and a flawless job.

On to the Long-Lasting Tire Dressing. Having sworn off liquids for this application because of the flinging that happens when you get enough on to cover all 20" of tire, I have long used the leave-on foam that seems to work well, until I realized that it stains the driveway. By using your applicator, and Long-Lasting Tire Dressing together, now my tires hold up to the wheel appearance.

On to the inside. The handy Interior Cleaner Wipes are now a staple in all three of our cars.

Bottom line, your stuff really is as good as it can get for the enthusiast. They work exactly as described and I am a Griot's evangelist! Thanks for working so hard in your garage that I can really have fun in mine!

Kind regards,
Rob A.


Enabling Perfection For 20+ Years

Hi Richard...

A Chevy Avalanche (2008) and Suburban (2007), both in black, can be a daunting task for a car collector to keep looking brand new. These happen to be matching Z71 twins with the same exact Morocco Brown/Black leather interiors. The 2001 Corvette convertible in Bowling Green Green/Oak is one of only 440 in that combination built in automatic before the color was retired that year. The 2010 Camaro is the retired-after-only-one-year Aqua Blue with a 6-cyl automatic.

Griot's Battery Managers keep each of them road-ready, your leather products are an absolute must, and the detailing supplies keep all four GM gems sparkling.

Not shown are daily-drivers: A 2011 Honda RidgeLine and a 2005 New Beetle Turbo Convertible. Rest assured the Griot name is all over those too, inside and out.

If you're car-obsessed, you must choose Griot's Garage as your "enabler".

Best wishes,
Storm P.


"The car just gleams."

Dear Griot's Garage,

I've been receiving your catalog for many years and have always been intrigued by all the products you offer. I never bought from you because I'd been living in an apartment complex for the past 7 years. Finally last year we bought a house. I started off by purchasing a Boar's Hair Brush and Wheel Cleaner, and cannot stop. Since then I've bought your Paint Cleaning Clay, Speed Shine, Spray-On Wax, 6" Professional Random Orbital, pads for applying wax, bonnets for removing wax, gallons of Speed Shine, Spray On Wax, and Wheel Cleaner, and most recently Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner. Every single product works phenonmenally well.

I have never used an orbital before and have always waxed by hand. I've attached a picture of my 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH after a Clay Bar/Speed Shine treatment, then waxed using the 6" Orbital. This car has been my daily driver since new and has over 142,000 miles. The paint surface is smooth and the car just gleams. The orbital didn't leave one swirl mark on my Black 2010 Acura TSX either. Thanks for making such great products.

Best regards,
Bradd L.


David's Exceptional Carrera


Thank you so much for your car care products. I've been using your products on my Porsches for many years, and I would never trust any other line of car care. I have attached a couple of photos.

This is a 2005 Carrera Turbo-S. They only made it in 1988, 1998, and 2005. This is one of only 227 made for the US market, and it is believed to be the only white coupe in existence, as it was a special order color that year. I hope you can put it on the cover of your catalogue to show off the beautiful shine from Griot's Garage Products.

Thanks very much,
David S.


"The depth of color is amazing..."

Simply put, your products are the best. Awhile back, I parked my mint condition BMW 323i convertible at my local mall. While parked, some "individuals" decided to add a white pinstripe to my Jet-Black finish by spraying on some kind of white spray paint all along the left front fender and driver's door. I deeply prize this car because it was my first, and I have always kept the paintwork as perfect as possible. Just prior to this happening, I clay-barred and sealed the paint using your One-Step Sealant. Because I used this product, the spraypaint did not bond to the paint; the sealant got sprayed instead of the clearcoat and paint and was thick enough to coat and protect the actual finish on the car. Removing the spraypaint was incredibly easy. All I did was wash the area, then used my Paint Cleaning Clay and "erased" the white paint with it... it was that easy! Your products saved my BMW's finish--thank you for making such excellent products.

Overall, I have been using your products for over a year now and the results I get far transcend anything else I have used. The depth of color is amazing, no one seems to believe the car is 13 years old or has 112,000 miles. Last Saturday, I brought the BMW to a show at a local BMW dealer. The paint was brilliant and the organizers let me park the car inside the dealer showroom, giving my car the prime spot just inside the main entrance.

Your products are outstanding; I can't imagine using anything else.

Michael S.


Protected By Griot's Garage

2003 Tundra, 190,175 interstate and city miles. As a faithful user of your products the original paint still shines in spite of blistering sun, heat, and twice yearly onslaught of the Florida Love Bugs.

Dick J.


"The only brand for me..."

As an ex-detailer for Acura, the sharp eye for car beauty and clean, swirl-free paint never leaves you, almost to the point where it haunts you.

I only own black cars, and to get the shine I want Griot's is the only brand for me these days. You can see that black paint almost reflects as well as a mirror, and there is no way to get that from products sold in your local auto parts shops.

Griot's has a great variety of products and a staff that is equally helpful. Buy one of the orbital kits, you'll never regret it.

Terrence U.


William Experiences Perfection

I ordered your Random Orbital Kit to try to remove some water spots on my 2002 Corvette convertible. As you mentioned in your DVD most people are afraid they will do more harm than good and I was one of those. I decided to try it out on my 2002 Silverado first and the results were amazing!

I followed your instructions to the letter and it did just what you said it would do. My truck had a lot of scratches and swirl marks. Your products made it look new again. I'm sending a picture and no, that is not a mural painted on the tailgate. It's a reflection. You have another satisfied customer and I will tell everybody that asks about your products.

William D.


"The shine is amazing."

At the end of last year I purchased your products to protect my new Infiniti 2011 M56x. My car was only 1 month old when I applied your products. I thought it looked new when I picked up from the lot...Boy, your products made it look amazing.

I was so impressed with it, I polished my wife's 2011 Infiniti FX35. The shine is amazing, and the protection during the winter months was priceless. Thank you for providing the average guy with professional results with a small amount of effort!!

You won't find any other product than Griot's on my vehicles!! Griot's = Great shine, excellent protection & fabulous Customer Service!! #1 by my standards!!

Thank You,
Kevin C.


"I was floored."

I have been showing my custom 2005 PT Cruiser for the last 4 years. This year I used 100% Griots products including Paint Cleaning Clay, One-Step Sealant, Speed Shine®, and Long-Lasting Tire Dressing. Guess What? BEST OF SHOW at PTs Take Flight 3. I was floored. Most of the credit goes to great products from Griot's Garage. Thanks guys!



Jim's Sparkling Resonator

Dear Griot's Garage,

Over the years I've purchased several of your products. Most recently, I bought your Best of Show Wax. Now, I know that you're not selling this as a musical instrument polish, but I had to send you a photo of my metal resonator guitar after a treatment of your Best of Show Wax. Oh, yes, it worked great on my car, too!

Jim P.


"Awesome product..."

I recently purchased a Lotus Elise new, but drive it very occasionally. Evidently, I inadvertently left a very small interior light on just before taking a family vacation for a week. Much to my surprise, upon return, the car wouldn't turn over and noticed the interior bulb was hot.

I called AAA to jump it, but despite the new battery, they told me there was less than 1/2 the charge left on the battery and that it's beyond jumping and we'd probably need to replace the battery. This is a problem, because the nearest Lotus dealership is 45 miles away, and the car needs to be towed on a flatbed truck. Not to mention that these dealerships are rather lightly stocked and it's not a common battery size.

Not wanting to go through the hassle, I recall the sales rep telling me about Griot's Garage, where I found your Battery Manager IV. I purchased it on a Sunday night and received it on a Wed PM and by Thu AM, I'm up and running again! This is one small, smart and highly effective charger and saved me TONs of time and headache! The displays and setup were simple and charge status was easy to figure out, too. It's so smart and easy that I can just keep it plugged in so I'll never have this problem again.

Thanks for the awesome product... this is the best $80 I have spent in a long time!

Tony L.


Alan's Well-Groomed 'Vettes

Here are some pics of my well fed and groomed Griot's Garage 'Vettes. The restored 1972 Stingray is an automatic with a slightly modified 350 and has a House of Color Candy Black Cherry paint job. The engine has a performer cam, intake, and 650 cfm carb, all by Edelbrock. The 2002 is all stock and is my daily driver. Hope they make your Griot's Garage Handbook.

I'll be in touch when more nourishment is needed.



"Consistently great results..."

I acquired and "preserved" this unrestored '63 Riviera from the original owner about 15 years ago. I've had consistently great results with your range of cleaners and waxes... as well as the ordering experience from your team. It's clear you look through your customers' eyes, understand their needs, and try to deliver more than they expect.

All the best,
Mark U.


"Simply the best on the market!"

Hi. I wanted to share a photo of my 1959 VW Beetle. My car was painted in 1994... that was 16 years ago! Before I discovered your products, the paint had some swirls and scratches (it looked it's age). Recently, after using Griot's Garage clay bar, machine polishes and waxes, I cannot convince anyone that the car was painted so long ago! Everyone thinks the car was freshly painted and maintained! It's beautiful, thanks to Griot's Garage and the products that you offer. Your products are simply the best on the market today... bar none.

Jeremy C.


90k Coupe Looks Just Like New

Here is our show car and work car. We own our own mobile auto detailing business, and our customers love how we can make their cars look so much better with all your products. Our Vette is a 1999 coupe with 90,000 miles on her. As you can tell, we love driving our car, not just looking at her. Thanks so much.

David and Cyndy J.


A Super-Clean RoadMonster

I've been a Griot's customer for years, and I've been showing my 1994 Buick Roadmaster for the last five years. She wasn't always a show car. My Roadmaster has over 112K miles and was daily driven for 12 of her 17 years. I never intended to build a show car, I was just "having fun in my garage" and, well, it just sort of happened.

I read my Griot's Garage catalogs religiously, cover to cover, and I was already happy with your Speed Shine and Best of Show Wax, among other products. I decided to buy your pneumatic orbital, all four polishes, and all the other things I would need to do the car right. I ended up having to use all four grades of polish, but ultimately I have completely eliminated the water spots.

I get compliments on the car's condition, especially the paint. Many people have accused me of repainting the car! I tell them, no, I didn't. I just used Griot's Garage products. I also use your products in the engine bay, interior, and of course, on the wheels and tires.

As you can see from the pics, the car is VERY clean, and YES, I do drive it. What good is a clean car if you cannot enjoy it out on the road?

I have since used the orbital on several friends cars, whom have since gone out and purchased their own Griot's Garage products. So, thanks again for providing excellent products that actually do as advertised.

I have attached pictures of my RoadMonster for your review. Mr. Griot, YOUR products did this!

Stewart B.


"Clearly I'm in trouble."

I've attached an image I took of my youngest this weekend. I was washing one of the family cars and looked over to find my son getting busy on the "chassis" of his pedal car. This one's completely unstaged and the only worrisome thing is that I'm clearly in trouble...

All the best,
Steve A.


"The only thing I use..."

Dear Griot's,

I have a 1949 2R5 Studebaker half ton Pickup. It was my grandfather's truck and I learned how to drive in it when I was a kid. He gave it to me when he retired and sold his farm in Illinois. I had it restored in Minnesota, 28 years ago. At a car show in Chicago 18 or so years ago, I was introduced to Griot's Best of Show Wax. My truck has never had any other wax on it since then. The 28 year-old paint job on this truck is unbelievable. People don't believe me when I tell them the truck was painted 28 years ago. Your Products are incredible. Your products are the only thing I use on my truck, cars, motorcycle, wave runners, RV and Boat.

Larry M.


The Results Are Griotifying

I have 4 vehicles, 3 of which are spotlessly clean at the moment: a Honda Goldwing trike motorcycle, a new Platinum series Ford F-150 and a brand new Mustang GT. My wife's Cadillac CTS is on the go so much I have trouble trying to get a microfiber cloth on it!

I enjoy ALL of the Griot's products that I have ordered. As a matter of fact I just used the Glass Polish on one of my vehicles today. I was having difficulty removing water spots, but the Glass Polish rendered all windows smooth as, well... glass! Thank you for being purveyors of quality products and for terrific customer service.

The results speak for themselves and are very Griotifying! Thank you very much!

Wes A.


"I am always impressed..."

I have been a customer for 20+ years. I am always impressed at what you come up with. My last two items, the Flexible Water Blade and Ultra Thick Micro Fiber Towel... Wow, wish I had bought them years ago. I just threw away all my other shammy & drying towels, this works so well. And with the blade I can wipe 90% of the water off a car in about a minute.

I have enclosed a pic of a recent detail session. It looked like a Griot's ad, so I took a pic! Note all the cars in the picture are at least eight years old, and look great thanks to your products.

Wayne H.


Recommended to Friends

I have been using your products for several years, and have found by accident another use for One-Step Sealant. I retired last January and have alot of time on my hands. I wanted to test it on my cultured marble sinks and fiberglass tub and shower. The results were absolutely amazing. I can clean those sinks up faster now, and it put a beautiful shine on my shower and hot tub.

Wow! I'm impressed!

Of course, I use these on my car, too. I have a 2005 Crossfire Convertible (black-on-black) that your products make look like my own personal "Batmobile." My Harley, too, has been spoiled by your products. The leather conditioners are the best I've ever used, and I always recommend your products to my friends.

Keep up the great stuff,
John B.


Better Than New

I thought that I would send you a picture of some "Griot's cars". This is a client's collection and garage. We only use the finest products from Griot's Garage. I have been detailing these cars for almost 3 years, and they look better now then when they were purchased. I owe all thanks to the Griot's products. My business of auto detailing has been a dream come true, to be with some of the most exotic vehicles money can buy.

David G.


Griot's Protects a Rare Rig

This truck is a 1952 Mack pumper with a 1000 cubic inch Hall-Scott gasoline engine. It has been completely restored and equipped and is as functional as a new truck. It was restored over a 30 year(!) period by Robert "Hoot" Gibson and Alan Brunacini, who were assigned to the truck as young firefighters when the rig was in service as Phoenix Fire Department Engine 1. The truck resides in its own miniature fire station.

We love Griot's Garage products and use them to maintain the vehicle. We use Best Of Show Wax, Speed Shine®, Rubber Cleaner, Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, Window Cleaner, and Metal Polish (lots of brass). Your products are consistently high quality and always keep the truck in shape for the next parade.

Alan B.


Another Customer For Life

I have attached a photo of our new 1962 Cessna Skylane 182E airplane. Yes, I am well aware that it is "Griot's Garage" and not Griot's Hangar - but perhaps a name change is in order.

The attached photo was forwarded by a friend who captured my wife, the plane, me, and our trusty Girot's wash bucket at the wash rack. If the Griot's product is good enough for our ground vehicles, it's good enough for our vehicles that leave the ground, too.

Thanks for the many (15+) years of exceptional products and care that you have provided my vehicles. We look forward including Griot's products as part of our next adventures, keep an eye on the sky for us.

Thanks again.
Alan M.


"I can't wait to try more!"

I own a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS and use your product weekly! I wanted to share a recent pic from a beautiful fall day.

My dad owns a 1995 Corvette ZR1 show car, and he got me into Griot's products about 3 years ago. I will be a customer for life!

Griot's Car Wash, Paint Cleaning Clay, Machine Polish 3, and Best Of Show Wax... Lovin it!

Thank you for wonderful products. I can't wait to try more!

Chris M.


Excited about a towel? Yes!

I was chatting with a friend and fellow M3 owner after my first use of your micro fiber towel last night, and asked him if it was wrong for me to be excited about a new drying towel. I've been laboring with a crummy (but expensive) towel for years now, and just used it out of force of habit. Little did I know how easy I could've been having it all these years. Just prior to washing the car, I'd also used your Wheel Cleaning Kit for the first time, and as expected, it was easily the best product of its kind I've used, and I've used plenty.

So what about these seemingly mundane products makes a car guy send a letter of praise? Frankly, arriving at a quality product after dealing with products that work less well than advertised. I'm not given to writing companies for selling an adequate product (I'm paying for it after all), but the fact is, everything I've ever purchased from Griot's Garage has stood head and shoulders above its competition.

The cynic in me used to wonder if Richard's "car guy" persona in the catalogs was some sort of marketing shtick, but I now know know the company is owned and operated by genuine car gals and guys, and that's reflected in every product you manufacture and sell.

Wishing you continued success,
Paul G.


"The Best Shine"

I have owned my 1965 Ford Mustang for 35 years. I have used endless brands out there. After trying your products, I have to say, they definitely have the best shine I have ever used. I have mentioned them to many people at car shows, and to people who use their cars everyday. Keep up the great work!

Bucky C.


Start 'Em Young


This is my two year-old grandson, Will. We start them young with quality Car Care products.

Bill M.


"Your products did a great job!"

Thank you for all your great products. This truck is a 2005 and it's only been cared for with your car care products, it's never been washed. Living in the desert, I spend time in my A/C garage during these hot summers using a lot of your products. People stop me in gas stations and other places, asking how I get this truck to look this way, because white normally doesn't shine this way. I've detailed a few cars for people and they're really surprised with the change. I've been in a flight crew with the Collings Foundation, they tour the US in B-17 and B-24 bombers. When they saw my attention to detail, cleaning on these planes, the owner asked me to come and detail his car collection - about 60 cars - so I did. Your products did a great job! Thank you.

Joe L.


Glenn's Trio of Red Beauties

Dear Richard,

Thought I would share a photo of my cars that have had "care and feeding" by Griot's for years. I enjoy all your products... but Speed Shine® is the best!!! 2008 S6, 1998 Carrera 2S, 1988 740 Turbo.

Best Regards,
Glenn C.


A True Customer For Life

As a long time Griot's customer (#118), my father-in-law is definitely a fan! That's his 1958 356a - 1600n in #5711 Orange, purchased new and later restored from 2005 to 2008. This car has been to many shows, events and has been a big part of our lives, and Al takes great pride in keeping it looking great with Griot's products. He took it to the Porsche Parade in 2008, after the restoration, and it took both the Judge's Choice and People's Choice awards. Thanks again... customers for life!

Dean P.


50 Years of Detailing Expertise

I have detailed vehicles since 1959, when it was done with rubbing compound and paste wax. Now it is 52 years and 4 rotator cuff shoulder surgeries later and I could not detail my cars without some mechanical help. Thanks to Griot's 3" and 6" orbital and your amazing polishing and waxing products, I can continue to detail all our cars to a very high level. I am able to let the buffers do most of the work saving wear and tear on my shoulders and back.

I have enclosed photos of my 1999 Dodge Viper RT-10 which has 76,000 miles. It is my dry weather daily driver, my track car, and my show car. Needless to say it takes a bit of work to keep it show ready, especially after a day at the track.

When I first started using Griot's products on my Viper 2 1/2 years ago, people asked whether I just had it repainted.

I also maintain my wife's daily driver, a 2005 black Chrysler Pacifica, my dark green 1997 Dodge Ram SST pickup, as well as our fully-restored white 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible which we show quite often. All of these cars look like new, even with all the years of use.

Thank you Richard, for all your products that are too numerous to list here. Your detailing book and DVD were great teaching devices and showed me how to correctly use your products. By the way, I also have gotten compliments on how nice the garage smells after using your products. The Spray-On Wax and the Undercarriage Spray stand out as most people's favorites.

Congratulations on your new home store. I feel lucky to live so near your store so I can drop by anytime to get advice, see the car collection, and get the products I need from your courteous staff.

Rich K.


Only Griot's, Inside and Out


The matching BMW X3's were equipped identically and delivered to two very discerning sister's in law; and combined with the Z4, have only had Griot's products applied since day one. Your Clay, Paint Sealant, and Carnauba Wax Stick have been super to use and the lasting shine that "pops" on our silver paint is outstanding. Thank you for great products and service. Nothing touches these cars, but Griot's, inside and out.

ML & Janet H.


Griot's Saves the Original Paint

Mr. Griot,

I recently purchased your Random Orbital and all four machine polishes. I had been thinking about this for several years, but I was hesitant to spend the money trying to restore the paint on my car, which I was sure was unsalvageable. Too many products from "other companies" have promised too much and consistently disappointed me, but I'd been slowly purchasing items from you since '08, and each one delivered just as promised.

So, this past Saturday morning I set to work in my driveway... Man, I should have bought this YEARS ago!

You see, I found this 1974 Fiat Spider back in 2008, and it had been stored since 1977 (not stored very well, either). Untouched for 31 years, it needed a full mechanical rebuild. However, the interior was in GREAT shape, and the body of the car was very solid, if quite dull. The paint looked like it had been applied with a "satin" finish.

After rebuilding the motor, carbs, trans, brakes, fuel system, electrical system, suspension, and cooling (you get the idea)... the car was at long last back on the road in April of 2010. But that darn paint was all anyone saw, so a few weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger. I figured it was worth a shot before committing to a new paint job.

The enclosed pictures can't show my true joy, but golly, every one of your products continues to exceed my expectations!

I no longer need to have the car repainted. I can keep the original paint and show it with a shine to be proud of!

Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Lee P.


Tucker Takes Pride in His GT


My son Tucker is 13 years old and owns a 1991 Mustang GT that currently has approximately 9,000 miles on it. He has owned the car for a little over a year, and while he cannot drive it - he is crazy about showing it. This year he won a Gold at the Mustang Club of America's Grand National Show for the Concourse Driven category.

He is also a Griot's nut. He just recently saved his own money to purchase your Orbital Polisher kit. He also purchased about $300 of your other products when he was down at your Tacoma store showing his car at the SVTOA club car show.

So why am I writing you? Well, the other day I asked him what he would like for Christmas. I thought he was going to say the small orbital polisher from Griot's, but rather he said that he would love to have his car as a cover car for one of your catalogs, or at least have his car in your catalog...

Earl B.


This Car Has a Pretty Good Life

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know that you've ruined me. Yep, your fault. You'd think I'd have something better to read than your catalogs, but no. After some time, I was finally convinced that - with no prior skill - I could use your random orbital buffer and not take all the paint off my car.

So I got my new buffer, Machine Polish 3, Best of Show Wax, microfiber cloths, and a dose of confidence courtesy of the DVD. I must say, your machine is slightly better than the $39 auto parts store toy I'd attempted (briefly) a year prior!

Following the instructions, I used your orbital, polish, and wax on my 1984 Ferrari Boxer BBi with original paint. Now you see my trepidation. If I'd gone "too deep", it would be paint job time. Then I'd have to move in with you until things worked out.

After a full washing and claying, the car was smoother than ever. I worked a section at a time with the buffer, and marveled at each stage. All I can say is that it was a total success. I burned no paint, and honestly, the car looks thousands of dollars better (okay, at least to me). I even feel safe admitting that I actually enjoyed the process!

I've enclosed a couple of "after" shots of the car. After using your products, this car knows it has a pretty good life (do you ever personify your cars?). So...

Thanks for the great products, the confidence, and for being a fellow gearhead.

Adams H.


Bob & Laurie's Beautiful 'Bird

Dear Richard,

Please find the enclosed pictures of our 1957 T-Bird Convertible.

Since we bought the car in July of 2009, we have exclusively used Griot's Garage products. Including Car Wash, Engine Bay Dressing, Chrome Wheel Cleaner, Leather Care Wipes, and best of all, Best Of Show Wax.

We have received numerous compliments from car detailers and vintage car builders lauding the appearance of a 53 year-old automobile. We will continue using your products as long as we own the car.

Bob & Laurie C.


"I use every product in your line."

In my opinion, there's nothing better-looking than a nicely detailed black car. Since I discovered Griots at the Kirkland Concours a few years ago, I think I now use every product in your line. I've never put a car of mine through an automated car wash (shudder), and find that your products make giving my car a bath a pleasure, not a chore. I used your Spray-On Wax after every wash through the cold months, but when summer arrives, I use Griots' handy Carnauba Wax Stick every few weeks, just to ensure the finish will be well protected when our rainy season arrives again. Even though my 2006 Mercedes Benz C280 4Matic is now five years old, I'm frequently complimented on how nice my "new" car looks. Oh, and the Interior Cleaner is just the thing to clean up my dog's muddy pawprints after he hops in the back seat to go for a ride. I only wish I'd discovered your products years ago. Whenever I park it, I can't help but look back over my shoulder, and think, "Now THAT'S a good-looking car. Thanks, Griots!

Diane B.


Paint Glaze to the Rescue

I just came in from my garage where I got the chance to try your Paint Glaze. This stuff is FANTASTIC and works exactly as advertised! I recently took delivery of my "dream car" a 2010 Porsche 911 (997 C2 - black on black) and after several washes and wipe downs with Speed Shine® the plastic front and rear bumpers started to show some toweling marks. The car only has 309 miles on it and I didn't feel right about polishing it. Your new Paint Glaze is the perfect solution. After a light application with your 3" Orbital Machine, the marks disappeared and that deep black finish that looks like you can almost dive into was restored. Of course, I followed up with an application of Best of Show Wax to seal the Paint Glaze.

My last car was a 1994 Mazda Miata which I drove for 16 years while saving for this Porsche. I've been using your excellent products since discovering them about 8 years ago. The guy who bought my Miata was impressed with how well the paint was maintained and I made sure to pass along a Griot's Garage catalog to him before he drove off. I'm definitely a Griot's Garage customer for life!

Dave W.


Dwight's Awesome "Old Goat"

I just did a 4 year ground-up mechanical restoration on my '67 GTO. For the past 15 years, I have only used Griot's Garage Car Care products. I sent you some pictures (attached) and the only thing untouched is the interior, which I intend to restore later this year. The car has had only 1 repaint in its 43 years. In my opinion, you can spend a whole lot of money on polishes and waxes, but none are better than Griot's.



No More Purple Haze

This is my daily driver Mazda 3 (color code Phantom Purple). After the dealer washed my car, I noticed swirls everywhere. I was devastated to say the least. After researching my options trying to restore the paint finish, I found your website and was happy to discover that your store was in the local area.

The Detailer's Handbook was very useful and easy to follow. I hand washed it, and cleaned the paint finish by using the Paint Prep, clayed the entire car, then used your Machine Polishes 2 and 3 with the random orbital. I then used Paint Sealant and followed up with Best of Show Wax. The results are truly amazing! I have never had a smoother, cleaner finish that is the envy of my neighbors. Now they are asking me to help them with their daily drivers.

After using your products, I should tell you that washing my car is now easier to clean and maintain.

Thanks Griot's for making such great car care products.

Bill B.


Dream garages start with Griot's.


Thank you for making such great products. I have been a long time customer, and have always enjoyed using your products. We recently moved into a new house and I was finally able to create my dream garage, inspired by the garages in the pages of your catalogue and on your website. I have been dreaming of a garage that would make me smile every time I set foot in it, as well as making my neighbors a bit jealous. I am pleased to say that with the help of your products, I have accomplished both! I used your epoxy floor paint. What a marvelous product. Application was a breeze, and it looks and wears great.

My first project after finishing the garage was to apply your Paint Sealant on my new BMW 135i. This is another fantastic product, it was easy to apply and remove and delivered a great shine with little effort. What a difference the floor made to completing that job. The space is so much brighter and cleaner.

Thanks again,
TJ, Customer for life!


Carol's TR-6 deserves the best!

Thought that you may like to see a recent photo of my 1974 Triumph TR6 which was restored 19 years ago by myself, and is lovingly maintained with Griot's products to stay in show condition. Here is her story.

"It all started one day when, after many years of working in the rain and dirt, that I was suddenly adopted by this gal. I was given a new place to rest my worn out rubber and faded body. I was soon stripped of that old, faded body, torn threads and tired parts. The cutting and sanding shortly followed. Wow, that hurt. What was happening to me? I was now only a shell of my former self. I craved for the old days. Many months (actually 3 years) later I was starting to get new threads, a brand new color... Oh, this felt good! I could not wait to show those hot rods a thing or two. I was revved up, ready to go, and sparkling all over. You should see me now. I can strut with the big boys any day.

I now spend my days being pampered and caressed with the very best car wash, micro fiber, and wax... and I love the Speed Shine®. Griot's Garage brings out the best in me and shows I deserve only the very best, perfection."

Carol O.


Billy demands perfection.

I received my first Griot's Garage handbook in the mail when I was a sophomore in high school. Since then, I have used your products exclusively to maintain the high level of cleanliness I demand on all my cars and my father's cars. We have a thing for vintage BMWs, and our current fleet consists of two 1989 M3's. One is a BMWCCA race car that is kept spotless with your One-Step Sealant and Spray-On Wax. The other is a black-on black street car with 75,000 miles. That car arrived from the previous owner needing a good day's worth of work to bring it back to life. After using the Paint Cleaning Clay, then polishing the blemishes with Machine Polish 3 and two coats of Best Of Show Wax, the car is truly stunning. Also in our fleet is a 1988 M5 with a brand new paint job that will only ever see Griot's products. When I was 16 I purchased a 1976 BMW 2002 that I restored and have turned into a garage queen. That car is kept at concours-ready condition by all of your products.

Despite all these BMW's I am writing to thank you for the work your products did on my newly purchased 2005 Dodge 2500 Turbo Diesel. I bought this truck a few weeks ago to use as my tow vehicle for the race car and spent last weekend detailing it. I am glad I took the time to make it right. The One-Step Sealant worked wonders on removing little scratches and swirl marks. Now, keeping it looking nice is as simple as washing with your Car Wash then using Spray-On Wax as I dry. Thank you for producing such superior car cleaning products that make detailing a pleasure, not a chore. Attached is a picture of my truck as well as my 2002 and my dad's 1972 3.0 CSL group 2 replica.

Billy G.


Bob's Showroom-Fresh Harley

Dear Richard and staff,

I have been using your products for 5 or 6 years now. You folks have certainly hit the nail on the head. No hype, no issues, and every part shines like new. My 2005 HD Ultra Classic apears to have not been ridden... all it takes is a bit of time, and your products apply and remove so easily. The Best Of Show Wax seals the deal, Speed Shine® keeps it that way. Oh, and the Metal Polish is a necessity for a Harley. So here's a shot of me and mine on the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina. Thanks so much.

Bob C.


"I have Griot's in my garage!"

I bought my Civic Si back in 2007 and it wasn't until the end of 2009 that I started using your products. I had gone back-and-forth with other products, but nothing has given me better results then the lineup in the Griot's catalog. I like to take my car to shows, and may not always win, but do get complimented a lot on how well-detailed my car looks. I tell them it's because I have Griot's in my garage! I got hooked on Griot's because of my boss, who is a woodworker, and he uses the orbital and your polishes to buff lacquer. Now the orbital spends most of its time at my house and he asks me to borrow it. Thanks to Griot's Garage, my car looks like it did when it rolled of the lot.

Pat K.


Passion leads to amazing things.

About ten years ago, two things happened that changed the course of my life. The first was the purchase of a '98 BMW 325i. By today's standards, she was nothing special, but to me she was a spectacle. Out of college, I'd driven old junk from Detroit and then graduated to slightly better junk from Japan. So to slip into a bimmer was a big deal, and re-ignited the passion for cars that I'd had as a kid. It just didn't seem right that my bimmer was anything but pristine. I can't remember exactly how I arrived there but somehow I ended up on the digital doorstep of your garage - this was the second event. Like opening presents on Christmas morning, I tore through page after page of the website to see what I had stumbled across. Low and behold, it was the mother-lode! Over the years, BMW and Griot's have been hand in hand helping me further my passion for cars and driving.

This past spring, like many folks around the country, I became a so-called victim of the economy. As stocks tumbled and corporate capital spending dwindled, I found myself unemployed. It was time to undertake the long-overdue garage makeover, which ended up taking quite a long time. I think the process served as a time of reflection ... and ultimately evolution. By the time I was done with the makeover, I realized autos were my true passion, and set out to figure what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Long story short, this process brought me to purchase an existing auto shop in Seabrook, NH. I haven't been this happy - ever. I wake up excited everyday to learn more about the industry. My technicians are great and I love talking with and listening to my customers.

Many thanks to you, Richard, for bringing passion to your work. This passion helped me find mine and now I'm changed forever!

Pete M.


"Everything works like a charm..."

I now have a closet full of all sorts of Griot's Garage products, from the random orbital to the sealants, cleaners, and leather conditioners (Griot's micro fiber towels take up the other closet). I have never had a car as continuously clean as my 2004 BMW Z4 3.0i, and have never owned a car which gets complimented so often! With a closet full of Griot's, I can just reach in and grab whichever product is needed for any specific job; Speed Shine® (which I love) for the rain spots, leather conditioner for the interior, etc... everything works like a charm, and couldn't be easier to use! I'm hooked!

George K.


Devin's Corvette is red again!

I had to write in and talk about how much your products have changed my 1992 Corvette. My dad bought the Corvette as our project car in November of 2006. His sight started to deteriorate, so as soon as I was 16, it became my car. Fresh from the factory in 1992, this car was red, but by the time it was ours, it was orange. Swirl marks also plagued the finish on the car. I found Griot's Garage online (after much dissatisfaction with the other brands) and the car is finally red again. It's become the envy of all of my friends, considering I'm only 17. It looks so good that somebody has offered me double what we paid, but I could never part with it.



Why did Baird switch to Griot's?

In 1989, my wife and I made up part of the support team for her late brother's 1938 SS Jaguar 100 entry in the Great American Race from Norfolk, VA to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. A major car care product company was one of the GAR sponsors whose products were available free to the entrants and support teams at each stop.

Ever since that time, I'd used these products with very favorable results on a variety of motor cars, including my 1962 Austin-Healey Series BJ7 Sports Convertible. However, after 20 years, I was growing weary of doing the detail work by hand but was fearful of using a buffer; I had seen disasters on external paintwork done by those not skilled in their use, such as myself.

When the Griot's Garage handbook appeared in my mailbox, I decided to have a go with Griot's by virtue of the informative handbook and website with the wide range of products specific to my needs including the Random Orbital machine.

After purchasing a variety of Griot's products, I took the leap and tested the Paint Cleaning Clay, then the One-Step Sealant with the Random Orbital machine on my wife's 2000 VW GTI. The machine produced outstanding results, with no back or shoulder aches for me and kudos from my wife.

When our Austin-Healey was invited to participate in the Concours d' Elegance of the Eastern United States in May, 2009, I knew the car had to look its best to represent the marque at this prestigious display of vehicles. Although we drive our Colorado Red Healey many miles each year; the 2005 bare metal respray still looked good. After I used the Paint Cleaning Clay, Machine Polish 3, and Best of Show Wax, the car's finish was dramatically enhanced - from really good to an unbelievable shine. It drew many comments at the Concours and later at the Austin-Healey Club of America's Conclave in Kingston, ON, where it placed First in Class.

Griot's Garage products now allow me to have painless fun working in my garage.

Baird F.


Dave's Porsche Gets Glazed

Dear Griot's Garage,

I just came in from my garage where I got the chance to try your new Paint Glaze. This stuff is FANTASTIC and works exactly as advertised! I recently took delivery of my "dream car" a 2010 Porsche 911 (997 C2 - black on black) and, after several washes and wipe downs with Speed Shine, the plastic front and rear bumpers started to show some toweling marks. The car only has 309 miles on it and I didn't feel right about polishing it. Your new Paint Glaze is the perfect solution. After a light application with your 3" Orbital Machine, the marks disappeared and that deep black finish that looks like you can almost dive into was restored. Of course, I followed up with an application of Best of Show Wax to seal in the Paint Glaze.

My last car was a 1994 Mazda Miata which I drove for 16 years while saving for this Porsche. I've been using your excellent products since discovering them about 8 years ago. The guy who bought my Miata was impressed with how well the paint was maintained and I made sure to pass along a Griot's Garage catalog to him before he drove off. I'm definitely a Griot's Garage customer for life!

Dave W.


Look, Ma... no swirls!

The flawless finish on this 1 of 7, black, 2009 GT1 Corvette Convertible was produced by first using your Paint Glaze with your 6" and 3" orbitals (using the orange foam pads) followed up by using Best of Show Wax and the 6" and 3" orbital with red foam pads. The depth and clarity of this car is the best I've ever seen. Black is not easy to maintain, but your products help ease the pain of trying to take care of it. Thanks for the great products and the great service.

Having fun in my garage,
Scott J.
Scott's Custom Car Care


Stuart's Head-Turning Honda


I had to pass on well-deserved kudos regarding your awesome line of products! As a high school student, your products have transformed my 1992 Honda Accord into a head-turning showcase of the high school parking lot - something that isn't often come by with an Accord sedan!

I recently pulled into a new Toyota dealership and walked into the showroom, only to find the sales staff heading the opposite way toward the parking lot! They surrounded my car in disbelief that it hadn't been repainted! After about 20 minutes of convincing the 8 guys circling the car that this was in fact the original paint, a gentleman offered to trade his much newer, "tricked out" Celica for it! Offer declined! A Griot's referral was passed on to them.

From the perspective of a high school student, THANK YOU for your awesome line of car care products! Even "us young people" are enthralled with the products you have created.

I've included a picture of my Honda gem.
Stuart P.


Matthew's Clean, Lifted Ford

To the Staff and technicians at Griot's;

I am an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the Marine Corps, stationed at Quantico, Virginia. As a hobby and all through growing up I have detailed vehicles; some mine, some friends'. As an avid car detailing enthusiast I strive to use the best products available, and after ordering a few of yours I am convinced that they (specifically speaking of Speed Shine® and Undercarriage Spray) are on the top of the list. I have been searching for a product to maintain the clean appearance of the undercarriage of my lifted F250 (it is, after all, at eye level)... and yours did it. The Finest Sprayers make the job easier without the common over spray and dripping that other sprayers leave. I look forward to many more years of Griot's products. Keep up the good work!!

GySgt Matthew S.


"Your products are superior..."

I purchased my Jaguar XF 7 months ago. The Dealership recommended your products so I ordered the Adhesive Remover, Spray-On Car Wash, Speed Shine® and some micro fiber cloths. All performed beyond my expectations. The spray bottles are perfect. Only recently I received your small portable vacuum: Fantastic. Overall your products are superior to any others I have used in the past. I have not considered taking my Jag to the car wash because of the quality of your products.

Robert T.


Miss Porsche, 1986

Hi Fellow Car Lovers:

I am Miss Porsche. I am a sweet young beauty of 24 years with only 29,000 fun-filled, high-RPM, flirting-with-redline, gut-wrenching, exhilaratingly-laugh-out-loud miles; a mere pittance of pleasure for such a spectacular babe, and I am only one of seven imported to the states that year.

Notice how my lines and curves flow slowly and seductively from my soft, removable top to the firm, inviting flanks of my Turbo Wide Body. My dark Guard's Red tan is provokingly clear with a brilliantly vibrant luster that can only result from my master's obsessive use of car products from Griot's Garage... Best of Show Wax, Machine Polish 3, Fine Hand Polish, and Vinyl & Rubber Dressing. Superior car care tools to keep me hot and luscious.

Drool if you must boys, but only when socially expedient.

Warmest regards,
Miss Porsche, 1986
(and Mel S.)


Dad's Bowtie Stays in the Family

Dear Griot's,

I have recently taken ownership of a 1994 full size Chevy Blazer from the original owner, my dad. I remember taking road trips in this rig sitting in the back seat as a kid, and now 16 years later I'm behind the wheel. I wanted it to shine like it was when my dad first made that big purchase 16 years ago. I visited the Griot's store in Tacoma, was given a demo of your products by the great staff, and was amazed! Now I am always being asked where I got my new paint job. I tell them, "at the GM plant 16 years ago" and they can't believe me. I used the Paint Cleaning Clay with Speed Shine®, then Machine Polishes 1-4, followed by Best of Show Wax. I recently touched it up using One-Step Sealant. Four months later, after every wash it still looks great! Thank you Griot's for keeping it in the family!

Thank you,
Xavier Y.


Outshining All the Others


I have enjoyed using Griot's Garage products for the past 5 years or so. I enjoy all of the new additions to the handbook such as the Paint Glaze and can't wait to order some and try it out. Keep up the good work.

Attached are two pictures. The black car is a 1951 Studebaker Commander Starlight Coupe. This car has only 7,000 miles on it and, thanks to all of your products, brought the paint and the whole car back to life. It had sat since 1954 so you can imagine the shape it was in. As you can see by the pictures, that old enamel and chrome really shines! The other car is a 1930 Studebaker FH President Sedan, one of a few left in the country. Both of these cars outshine all of the others at shows, and when people ask what I use to clean them, I pull out the latest handbook and say, "Only the best"!

Thank You,
Niall O.


Jim Spreads the Good Word

Since many people ask me at shows what I use on my paint, I always carry my extra Griot's Garage catalogs to hand out. I'm sure there will be many more Griot's Garage customers in the Orlando area shortly! It's easy to endorse a product that you use and believe in.

I've attached a photo of my '66 Mustang GT Convertible that has received nothing but the best from all of Griot's products.

Thanks again!
Jim L.


Joe's Caddy Sparkles with Griot's

Hi, I have owned my 1968 Cadillac Deville convertible now for the past 5 years. I owned the same car back in 1972 and it was the same color as this inside and out. When 2009 rolled around I started to purchase all of my cleaners, waxes, towels etc. from The Griot's Garage website. All the other products I purchased and used in previous years never did much for my car. This year with the Best of Show Wax, my car never looked so good, and it was due to your wax and other products. I wish I had your wax back in 1972 for my first Deville.

Thank you,
Joe L.


"Never been disappointed..."


Thought you might like to see my new Wash Bucket... I have trouble leaving anything stock. By the way the bucket is sitting on the floor you provided. My friend and I did the floor about six years ago, and it still looks great. The car, a 1971 240Z was painted (not restored, just painted) and pinstriped in 1981. I purchased the 350Z new in 2003. My first experience with Paint Cleaning Clay was a few months ago on both of these cars. I purchased your Clay, Speed Shine®, and cloths. I was not sure if it did any good on the 350 Z, since the clay still looked clean at the end. The paint originally looked great, and still did. THEN I started to put on the car cover. It quickly slid off the other side of the car. It became obvious that the paint was much smoother.

I purchased the 240Z in 1979. Now remember, the Z was just painted by a local body shop. I was quite afraid of damaging this old paint. The clay did pick up dirt, so it appears that surface did need some work. Again the process was VERY easy, fast, and looked great. I have never been disappointed by one of your products.

Now that we have settled in the Tucson, Arizona area I can have the Guy Garage that I always wanted.

Thanks for your assistance.
Ron J.


Dave Discovers Z Finest Car Care

I have heard about Griot's products for years. YEARS.

My recent cars have been a '97 Jeep TJ, 2000 Accord Coupe, '04 Mazdaspeed Miata Turbo, '07 Nissan 350Z, and my newest is an '09 Nissan 370Z. Like most car enthusiasts, I love to detail my cars to make them look good, but have previously used off-the-shelf products.

Well, my friends at a local cleaner are car nuts, too, and really spoke highly of Griot's after they saw my new 370Z. I said, "why not" and ordered a couple of products. I used the Spray-On Car Wash Kit this afternoon and "WOW" - that yellow really pops! Not only is it the easiest spray on wash product I've ever used, but I can definitely FEEL the difference. Later this week, I'll use the Speed Shine® to knock off the light dust.

I'm looking forward to trying out more of Griot's stuff, but I have only one regret - not starting YEARS earlier with your products!

Dave H.


Griot's Goes to Work in NY

Hi Richard! I wanted to drop you a note and some pictures of our trucks. We have an excavating and snow removal business in New York state. Needless to say, the winters here in the Northeast are pretty nasty. That's why I use your products to help protect against snow, ice and salt. I have been using them for years and they are unparelled for protection and shine. People often tell us that the trucks look like they should be in a parade! Even hard working trucks can look amazing with your products!

Keep up the good work,
Chris M.


This Camaro's Good as Gold

Hi. Here are a few pictures of my Camaro Z28 detailed by Griot's products, the only products that I use inside and out. A lot of car show fans ask me what I use and I always tell them Griot's Garage, in and outside of the car and under the hood. Thanks Griot's for all the fine products and hope to see you in Columbus again.

Mike A.


Is it clearcoat, or Best of Show?

Hello. I used your Best of Show Wax this summer in advance of auto shows and won't be using anything else. The results were superior to all others I have tried. My 1956 Chrysler New Yorker hardtop shined, and some I talked with assumed the car had been clearcoated. I am equally satisfied with your Vinyl & Rubber Dressing and Window Cleaner.

Thanks - keep up your quest for perfection.
Jerry K.


David's Mirror-Finish Pontoons

Griots Garage 3" Yellow Scrubbing Pads work well to polish the pontoons of my boat! The pontoons are 20 feet long, by 23 inches in diameter. I have been cleaning and polishing them once a year for the last past 10 years, when I bought the boat new. I clean the pontoons using your 3" Yellow Scrubbing pads on my 3" Random Orbital. After I remove the black oxidation from the cleaning process using your 100% Cotton Wipes, I apply Griot's Garage One-Step Sealant. And again, I use the Cotton Wipes to remove the dried Sealant. I find that the One-Step Sealant not only removes more of the black oxidation, but also leaves an unbelivably reflective, protective finish.

P.S. I wish I had known of your fine brand of products 10 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of work and produced superior results. I have told three friends about your products, and they have all purchased and seen for themselves how great your products are.

P.S.S. The reflective shine in the finish of the aluminum pontoons is so mirror-like, that you could actually use it to shave in. They look like a chrome mirror.

David D.


Jay's Mustang Shines

I have used other detailing products over the years but nothing is as easy to use as Griot's. The results are stunning, and being the perfectionist that I am, that says something. The greatest award I've achieved with your products so far was a Gold medal at the Mustang Round-Up in the "concours driven" class. Gold is the highest award you can get... must have been that Best of Show Wax. We've also received a couple first place awards and a Mayor's choice. Not bad for it's first season. You have a customer for life.

Jay W.


Joanne and Eric's Classy Morgan

I am sure that you can tell from my customer # and purchases over the years, that I love your products. My wife Joanne and my pride and joy is our 1966 Morgan +4 Roadster. Our car has won numerous first place awards, and this year is the Centenary (100th) Anniversary of the Morgan Motor Company. This year our car (by invitation only) was selected to show at the world renowned, prestigious, Greenwich Concours in Greenwich, CT. I swear by your products.

Joanne & Eric S.

Bill's BMW shines on the lawn!

Hi all,

Thought you would be interested in the picture my 7 year old son took at the recent 2009 BMW Concours! Caught me doing some last minute touch ups in the morning LOL! I bought the detail bag at the recent E30 picnic session, on the Saturday prior to the picnic. I love the bag. It holds all the stuff I need to keep the car looking great when I show it. I use it at home and on the road.

Bill B.

Al's Speedster in "Griot's Red"


Your products blow away all of the competition. They are in a class all their own. Other products advertise themselves as being the best, but Griot's takes perfection in auto care to new levels. My 1956 Intermeccanica Porsche Recreation consistently crushes the competition at car shows. I am convinced that your Best Of Show Wax and Speed Shine detailer are the mainstay of my show winning arsenal.

Thanks for making the most superior car care products in the industry. I am Griot's spoiled for life.

Al S.

Rejuvenator to the Rescue!

I have a 1989 BMW 325i Convertible that I have owned sinced 1994. The car has 75K original miles and is the proverbial "cream puff". Due to age, I've replaced the leather seats and top, but have not been able to replace the thin leather cover on the back shelf. I've tried a number of commercial leather conditioners in an effort to restore its original look. None of them worked. I purchased your Leather Rejuvenator and I'm very pleased to tell you that it worked perfectly!

Thank you for selling such a great product!

Edwin F.

Thomas' Polished Porsche

I am exceptionally pleased with the Polisher/Sealer that I purchased from you at the recent Porsche Parade. I have discussed the fantastic results that I have achieved on my Porsche with numerous members of the Maverick Region Porsche Club. Take a look for yourself.

PS - I really want to have a polish party in Plano, and will try and get your local distributor to give a live demo of the full product line.

Thanks again,
Thomas M.

Only the Best in this Garage


I have been using your products for years and have had great success with them. I trust them on my "regular" cars through to my exotics and no other products would ever be found in my garage! I track several of my cars and your items reliably get all of the "tire slag" and "bug splatters" off every time. Thanks for making great products and helping my cars look great in the garage and out on the track!

Thanks again and keep it up!
Andrew G.

Small sacrifices, big returns...

I'm writing to you as a long-time auto enthusiast, and as someone who takes great pride in his vehicles' appearance. It wasn't long ago that I was driving a '94 Camara Z28 in high-school that I cleaned and waxed religiously. I then upgraded to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII for several years, and it was my pride and joy. It was kept spotless, waxed and shined on a near weekly basis.

Then my wife decided to go back to Pharmacy school - a four year doctorate program at USC - with student-loans substantial enough to rate as a second mortgage. I felt I had to be a responsible husband, so I sold my Evo VIII to free up some monthly income for my wife's schooling. I am now driving a well-used 1996 Toyota 4-Runner with 180,000 miles while we wait for her to graduate.

I admit it; I felt a little down about selling my "baby", so my 4-Runner became my "beater" car. At first, it received infrequent car washes, rare waxings, even rarer interior detailing. It was almost like I was punishing the truck while I pouted. And then something happened...

I'm happy to say that after receiving your catalog in the mail, I just ordered nearly $400 worth of Griot's products to restock my garage. New bottles of wax, piles of fresh microfiber towels, a shiny new Random Orbital machine, and much more... these are the things auto detailing heaven is certaily made of! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas day as I wait for my UPS delivery.

Griot's is fully responsible for reawakening my love of auto detailing thanks to the website, descriptions, and photos that made me crave a good weekend therapy session with my trusty 4-Runner. I plan to give my truck the wash, polish and wax of its life next weekend. And once my wife graduates in 2 years, I'll be a Griots detailing pro... and then I might just use my renewed detailing skills to maintain another Evo VIII, or perhaps a shiny new BMW M3.

Thank you for a wonderful website, buying experience, and product line. Your company has revitalized my passion for car detailing. Have I mentioned that I'm anxious for my Griot's order to arrive yet?

Stephen B.

A Trio of Top-Shelf Toyota's

Our three daily drivers are now only treated with your super products. I first learned about you from a long time friend in his six bay garage full of his favorite toys. All three of our cars are driven daily, rain or shine. Each of the products we have used have more than proven to be superior to anything I have used in the past. Your full line of car care products were used from wash to the final touch detailing. I think all three Toyotas ('95 4-Runner, '95 Land Cruiser, '96 4-Runner) look as good today as when they were new.

Larry B.

Stan's Awesome '69 Camaro

I have gotten great satisfaction from your car care products. I originally purchased these items to care for my 1969 Camaro which I have had for nearly 30 years. I was so impressed with the results that I used it on my wife's car, my mother-in-law's car, and my sister-in-law's cars (all four of them). I am still amazed at the results with every car I do. My hat's off to you on a job well done!

Stan E.

Griot's Shines Again!

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to Griot's Garage for the line of fantastic products. For years I've been holding out on buying an orbital because I was scared of ruining my paint. All those years spent hand waxing my cars. Well, my brother recently got a Griot's Garage Random Orbital, and was singing its praises, so I figured I'd give it a shot. The attached is my new BMW M3, after a once-over with Machine Polish 4 and a coat of Best of Show wax. You can see for yourself that I obviously had nothing to worry about. Griot's shines again!

Glenn H.

"I tell everybody who will listen..."

I thought I would share a photo of my stars! The only car care products allowed on my cars are from Griot's Garage, and who can argue with the results? The products get the desired results and are genuinely easy to use. I have been a Mercedes-Benz and Griot's Garage enthusiast since I learned how to drive. I tell everybody who will listen about your products, and have had many people drop into the garage to personally test drive the Griot's Garage product line on their own vehicles (none of them have been disappointed with the results). The diverse product line allows me to tailor what is used for each of the vehicles. The 2006 ML500 is my wife's daily driver and it looks great! The 2003 S55 AMG and the 1984 (Euro) 500SEL are sunny day cars whose deep black finish looks stunning when treated to the Best of Show Wax and a Speed Shine wipe down during drying.

Thank you for the concours-grade products!

David W.

Griot's Garage tames the "Beast"

I wanted to email you a picture of the "Beast". The Beast hauls a miniature C-130 aircraft and is used to support Air Force Reserve Recruiting activities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Just like my personal vehicle, I maintain the truck, trailer, and C-130 specifically with Griot's Garage products. As you can see from the size of the "Beast", your Ultimate Machine Polish and Wax Kit is my favorite product! The Speed Shine always keeps the "Beast" looking its best. In the background of the picture you can see a C-130 of the famed "Hurricane Hunters" assigned to the 403d Wing at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. Thanks again for the great products!

Best regards,
David B.

A Pint-Sized Barn Find

I thought the people at Griot's Garage might like to see our latest "barn find". My 4 year-old son and I got word of a "European pedal car" uncovered near our home in NE Florida. We met the seller and came to a deal on the spot. It is a mid-1960's Lotus F1, and that's about all we know. We decided to leave the car stock and try to bring the paint back to life. My son had the privilege of using Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax for the first time. It definitely brought out a darker shade of red, and as he continues to detail, the car is coming to life again!

We really love the products and always have FUN in our garage!

Christopher R.

'Vette Club Always Carries Griot's

The Indy Classical Glass Corvette Club members had a great time at your April open house. As usual, we enjoy using and purchasing new Griot's Garage products for our Corvettes. We consistently win top prizes in shows, including Best of Show for some of our members. We attribute this to your great products, which we all use. The Griot's Garage car care kit fit so well in the back of our cars, we customized one for each club member, and we never leave home without all our products. Here are some pics of a few club members on the way to a local show.

Kathy M.

Weekend Therapy, Times Two

To the entire Griot's Garage team,

Thank you so much for creating an easy-to-use line of fantastic and integrated products. I recently used my new 6" Professional Orbital, Machine Polish 2 & 3, and Best of Show Wax to detail my parents' much- loved (but much-neglected!) 1998 BMW Z3. The car is a truly unique color; BMW calls it "Turquoise Green," but we call it "Crest." I was so happy with the results, I took the occasion to show off their 11 year-old sparkler next to my very own 1 year-old BMW 128i (for the record, my ride has been treated only to Griot'sGarage products since new).

It was an absolute joy to have a "weekend therapy" wash with two great rides and a brilliant collection of thoughtful Griot's Garage cleaning and detailing tools.

Thanks so much!
Stanley W.

Bob Trusts His Treasure to Griot's

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your stellar products. I am a 23 year old Ohioan who just graduated from college with a degree in education. My treasure is a 2001 Mustang GT. During my college years,I have spent an abundance of time scouring through "over the counter products" at my local automotive stores, trying to maintain and restore my car's paint. Much was left to be desired after using these products that anemically glossed over imperfections rather than dealing with them. It wasn't until I came across one of your articles and visited your website that I became convinced your line of products was worth a try. After requesting your Detailer's Handbook and combing through its highly informative pages, I knew I had found what I was looking for. For my graduation present I asked for your 6" Orbital Bag Kit. Your Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine was the simplest claying system I have ever used. Machine Polish 3 astounded me with its ability to restore and refresh my car's paint to swirl-free, smooth refinement. Best Of Show Wax enhanced the color, depth, and clarity of my Mustang's paint to a showroom finish.

Thank you Griot's Garage. You have set the standard in excellence for automotive care. You certainly have a loyal life-long patron in me.

With Gratitude,
Bob B.

Who detailed this car? I did!

I entered my Corvette into the 'Vette Magic Event and thought I'd send a picture to you! I used ALL your products… Engine Bay Dressing, Best of Show Wax, Speed Shine, and Undercarriage Spray around the tire wells. I had a body shop today ask, "Who detailed your car?" I said, "I did!" Yes... a female can detail her own sports car!

Thanks for great products! I've been using them since 1996! Love them!

B. Larson

Her Benz Still Looks New

Attached is a picture of my wife's car. It has had Griot's Garage products used on it since new. The other day in a parking lot, a gentleman approached her and commented on the color and how great the car looked. She told him, "My husband takes care of it, and uses Griot's Garage products." He then said, "Enjoy your new car"! This car is a 2008, is a daily driver, is not garage-kept, is not covered, has gone through a Philadelphia winter (parked under an oak tree that saps), and has approximately 12,500 miles on it! Thanks Griot's Garage for making the car look brand new all the time!

Robert L.

Frederick's Mustang Gets Noticed

As the Ford Mustang turned 45 on April 17th, I decided to make the road trip in my '66 Mustang to the anniversary event held at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AL. Knowing the 550 mile roadtrip from St Louis would provide for many bug splatters and countless spots of road grime, I packed up my usual supply of trusty Griot's Garage products!

Prior to leaving St Louis, the Mustang was washed, polished and waxed. After 550 miles and roughly 9 hours of driving, we arrived at Barber and got parked for the event. We immediately went to work using only the best car care products available!

This was my first time using the Spray-On Car Wash and Micro Fiber towels. Wow! Those products made easy work of cleaning the car and ridding it of the dead bug collection and road grime. The Vinyl and Rubber dressing worked great on the interior, adding the perfect shine. Micro Fiber window cloths and Window Cleaner provided streak-free glass with minimal effort. After the application of Long Lasting Tire Dressing and Undercarriage Spray, we had the Mustang ready for 2 days of display!

The outstanding products from Griot's Garage certainly got noticed by other participants. I had several individuals inquire about the Spray-On Car Wash. Hopefully I helped generate a few more "Customers for Life!"

Frederick R.

Carl is Sold on Griot's Garage!

Dear Richard and Company,

This sweetheart of a 2008 Z51 looked wonderful when I spotted it at the dealership. Little did I know how beautiful it would be after a full exterior detail using your products. An application of Paint Cleaning Clay, followed by Machine Polish 3 and Best of Show Wax (using the Random Orbital machine) rendered a show quality appearance! I'm sold on Griot's Garager products and use them on all my cars.

Carl R.

Griot's Garage and ICON

I am a huge fan of your brand. Your products have a hand in our shop (home garage too). ICON relies on many Griot's products to create and maintain our vehicles. If we had to pick favorites, I would say your Magnetic Finger Glove and Convertible Top Cleaning Kit get used the most. The glove fortunately brought an end to the "super-glue the nut to your finger" technique!

Thanks to Griot's Garage for focusing on the little things that make a big difference at the world's best shops and garages!

Jonathan W.
CEO and Lead Designer
TLC, Inc.

ICON is a custom-made utility vehicle, hand built in Los Angeles and delivered worldwide to clients who understand the value of classic styling and modern performance. Learn more at: icon4x4.com.

Only Griot's is Good Enough

I've been using your products and tools for several years. See for yourself. The attached has been our little darling for almost a decade. Only Griot's products have ever touched it, from tire dressing to polishes, waxes, pneumatic orbital, etc. She's been seen at a lot of "Cruise Nights" during the Summer in New Hampshire, where she now resides. A great ride, and great looks, too, thanks to your products.

Randy & Judy H.

We told you so!

You said I would thank you for supplying me with your gearless ratchets. I've been using your mini 1/4" and 3/8" ratchets and they are great! Thank you.

Hardly a day goes by that I don't use some Griot's tools when working on my Peter Brock Cobra Daytona Coupe.

Charlie S.

Scott's Top-Notch Cabriolet

I thoroughly enjoy using your products and especially enjoy the results that I get from using them. My car is a hand-built 1937 Ford Cabriolet that started as a Gibbons body but has been extensively altered. Thanks for helping me keep it in such amazing condition.

Scott J.

"Thanks for the great products!"

I especially like the Speed Shine, Undercarriage Spray, Chrome Polish, Paint Cleaning Clay, Rubber Cleaner, Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, etc. Everything is absolutely the best! I've made my 1999 Road King Classic to resemble a 50's machine and I only use Griot's products on it, and it definitely shows. Thanks again for the great products!

Addie D.

Cole's 911 Scores 297

After nine years of collecting parts and assembling this short wheelbase 911, the national Porsche Parade in Charlotte, NC verified this Porsche 911 as the overall Performance Award winner, scoring over 297 out of 300 possible points.

One of the biggest fans after the awards were passed out was none other than Peter Porsche who took time out from the Historic Display to have his photo taken. The photo may be more treasured than the trophies!

The only detailing products used on this car were from Griot's Garage.

Cole R.

Dave's Low-Mile Pantera


Just thought you might like to see how well your products work on my 1974 DeTomaso Pantera L.

My car is all original except for the radiator, tires, and wheels (I have the original tire/wheels with 6,600 miles on them hanging in my garage). All the paint is original... not bad for a 35 year old car. I bought it 5 1/2 years ago with 6,057 miles on it (the previous owner only put 151 miles on it in 22 years).

I especially like the Griot's detailing products (Window Cleaner Set, Wash Mitts, Ultimate Paint Squeegee). I also enjoy the garage products. They work as advertised with no surprises!

Dave M.

The Picture of Perfection

Just received a copy of the latest handbook and was delighted to see Romulus on the cover. I know the car well as I was commissioned to do illustrations for a book titled "Racing Green". I've attached an image of the ERA illustration. Very cool car.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results I've gotten using Griot's products - the attached image is of My Jaguar E-type just recently - after a machine polish & Best Of Show Wax (orbital all the way!)

Steve A.

Steve Anderson is a talented illustrator who can immortalize your car in one of his drawings. To contact Steve, visit: saillustrations.com.

Frederick Gets Great Results

I've been a Griot's customer for the past 11 years, using your car care on everything from vintage Fords to my latest addition, a "new to me" 2003 BMW 330i ZHP. The products easily provide great results. My favorite is Speed Shine as it works great and has so many uses. My wife's favorite is by far the Interior Cleaner. Obviously, someone takes this bottle out of my garage and into the house!

Just recently I branched out and decided to try the Micro Fiber Waffle Weave drying towel. I can't believe I didn't think to buy one earlier! Amazing product with unreal water pickup and an extremely soft touch to the paint.

Thanks again for all the great products and innovative tools. You certainly have a customer for life!

Frederick R.


One Red-Hot '32

Awesome stuff guys. This is the latest to be done here at Scott's Custom Car Care, a 1932 Ford, all steel, built by the one and only Boyd Coddington. The awesome shine was produced by using your Machine Polish 3 followed by Best Of Show Wax.

Thanks for the awesome products and great service,
Scott J.

Looking Good, Indeed!

With the Griot's Orbital and wax, my 1941 Chevrolet pickup looks great all the time. This is 15 year old paint, and it still looks awesome!

Don B.

Details Make the Difference


I have been using your products for years. My 2001 BULLITT Mustang DHG 1005 has appeared in many magazines. The car is a Ford Special Feature to pay tribute to the 1968 Steve McQueen movie. Only 5,582 were built.

I use your products on the undercarriage as well as the rest of the DHG 1005. In fact, I spend as much time detailing the suspension as I do the rest of my car!

Thanks for your outstanding products,
Michael O.

Square is Cool!

Hello friends,

I love your catalog and your products!

I also thoroughly enjoy seeing the councours cars you feature. I am a professional auto detailer here in Hollywood. I work for some wonderful collectors who buy and sell at Monterey during the weekend of the Pebble Beach show. I do attend that concours event myself, and it is the highlight of the year.

I am sending along a photo of my beloved 1965 VW Squareback S.

Best regards,
Elaine S.

Michael Has Seen the Light

I use my Griot's Garage LED Work Light all the time. It seems custom made for the many small, tight work spaces found in both my vintage Porsches. No more tangled electrical cords, broken bulbs, burned forearms or being blinded by the light! Virtually everyone who's seen it in action in my garage has the same response: "I want one!"

Thanks for another great product!
Michael H.

Anthony's "Liquified" Custom

My father and I have been customizing cars for decades, and we have been using the same old products to detail cars for years. A couple of years ago, I came across your catalog and just recently ordered my first products. The Best of Show Wax makes our 1980 Corvette that was painted 24 (yes twenty-four) years ago glisten like the day it was done. I have never seen another wax make the paint almost look liquified.

I also want to shout out your Rubber Dressing which is awesome, and also the Long Lasting Tire Dressing, which we use on tons of things. The 100% cotton rags are also the best thing in the world to take wax off with, especially when you let the wax harden and spritz a little Spray-On Wax before buffing it off (got that tip from the DVD that was also fantastic).

We will be Griot's garage customers for life and your products will be used on every custom car we build!

Anthony Sicuranza
Sicuranza Customs

"I had terrible swirls..."

This is my daily driver Subaru Outback 2.5XT turbo wagon. I had terrible swirls in this car, so I hand washed it, stripped the old stuff off with Paint Prep, clayed the entire car, then used your Polishes 2 and 3 with your random orbital machine. I then finished it off with Best of Show Wax. The reflection is mirror like... even my wife was astounded at how beautiful it looked when I finished!

By the way, your dvd showing exactly what to do was extremely helpful, and answered all my questions. Richard you have done an excellent job in testing, researching and choosing products. I can tell you use them as well, and that's why you are so confident in them. Your customer service representatives are excellent. I can call in anytime to ask them a question about a product or a situation that I may need their assistance in solving.

I never endorse products but I must endorse yours, they have passed my extremely high standards.

Keep up the good work!

Bobbie's 'Vette Shows Well

I entered my 2003 Corvette yesterday in the Make-A-Wish Fund Raiser put on by my Corvette Club. I spent a week working on the car for the show! I used your Carnauba Wax, Wheel Cleaner, and Undercarriage Spray for the wheel wells. On arrival at the destination, I pulled out my Speed Shine for the final touch ups!

I've been using your products since the 1996 BMW Historic Races at Laguna Seca in Monterey, Calif. where I purchased my first basic Griot's Garage kit! Keep up the great products.

Bobbie L.

A Griot-fied Red Line Turbo

Hi Richard:

I have been buying and using your products for close to 20 years. In fact, I used to talk to YOU on the telephone about my orders! I recommend you to friends and strangers alike.

I am now 58 years old and all of my driving life, I have purchased practical, utilitarian vehicles. This past summer I decided it was time to buy a sports car. When I got my new car home I immediately used Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine, and finished up by applying the Best of Show Wax with my Griot's Garage random orbital machine. I also applied Chrome Polish to my wheels, Tire Dressing to my tires and cleaned off my convertible top with Interior Cleaner. You might say that my vehicle has been completely "Griot-fied".

While my budget would not allow me to purchase a Cobra, Corvette or Ferrari - my little Red Line Turbo is still the coolest, most exotic car I've ever owned - hope you like it too!

Thanks for all of your help and car care guidance over these many years,

John's Roush Returns!

My black 2007 Roush Mustang spent its first year parked outside here in Bakersfield, California. We have what is probably the country's most abrasive environment, with an almost constant rain of dirt, industrial fall-out and extreme heat. The car developed swirls that could be seen 50 feet away!

I tried the "big brand" of products (you know who), and was very disappointed. I then ordered your Machine Polishes 1 and 3, as well as the Best of Show Wax. I also spent some time watching the videos on your website to improve my technique. The results are amazing!! Griot's Garage polishes returned the shine and clarity that drew me to the car when I bought it.

Thanks to your products, I have the car of my dreams back!
John C.

Carla's "Bad Bull" Sparkles

I have been into cars since I learned how to walk. My parents took me to the Chicago Auto Show every single year. At 17, I decided to sell cars and was in the industry for over 15 years. I now run the Chicago Chapter for the Lamborghini Club America, and most of our club members use Griot's Garage products. We do about 20 major car events annually, so you can imagine how much Speed Shine we go through in a year! Nothing but the best products for our exotics!

Carla G.

Coppa Bella!

I've been working on cars since I was 10, but in all those years, one of the highlights just recently occurred: At the 2007 Ferrari Club of America National Meet at Watkins Glen, my wife's Testarossa and my F355GTS each won a Platinum award in the Concours, and a Coppa Bella Machina award for 100% mechanical and electrical functionality.

My wife can put a shine on the cars that is just amazing using her random orbital! And the detailing tools, towels and liquids she's gotten from Griot's Garage make all the difference in the world to the cars' final appearance.

I do most of the mechanical work on our cars, and really appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into your tool selection and design... so good that I've even given Griot's Garage tools as gifts to some of my professional Ferrari mechanic friends.

Everyone at Griot's is always very helpful. The people we talk to on the phone always knew their stuff and are happy to help with whatever question or issue we have.

Hands down Griot's has the best there is!
Michael K.

Kevin's Best of Show Cougar

Here's a picture of my '68 Cougar last year... just after using your Best of Show Wax coupled with Speed Shine. The car is a one owner, as my wife ordered it new in December of 1967. I recently placed an order, and now that my package has arrived I can get to work on the Cougar preparing it for yet another show! Thanks for the great products.

A faithful customer for the past 12 years,
Kevin B.

Best in the Neighborhood

I recently sold my heavily modded Chrysler 300C SRT8 and purchased a brand new Black Metallic BMW M6. There was hesitation at first on the color selection because my wife drives a black Cadillac Escalade which, although it was maintained by a reputable car wash, suffered from swirls and scratches.

After repeated complaints and complimentary polishes and waxes, I decided to cancel my VIP membership and care for the vehicles myself, regardless of the time required. I quickly proceeded to buy your 6inch and 3inch random orbitals, plus all your Car Care products.

Not only did I receive excellent product, but excellent guidance. Prior to discussing my needs with your sales professionals, I knew very little about car detailing. Thank you, Griot's, for educating me on proper car care and saving me tons of money by doing it myself. Oh, and the label of having the best kept vehicles in the neighborhood isn't bad either!

Best regards,
Curtis B.

Griot's Garage Saves the Day

I own a rare Dark Bowling Green Metallic 2000 Corvette Coupe. I was once a member of a local Corvette Club alongside a young man who owns an automotive detailing shop. He encouraged me to purchase a direct-drive buffer, offered minimal instruction, and told me not to worry.

When I finished and stood back, I was horrified to see massive swirl marks that followed the arcs of the buffer... no matter what I did to correct things, they just got worse! I was making arrangements to have the car repainted when a friend told me about a local Griot's Garage distributor.

When I visited the shop and showed the owner my car, he agreed the damage was pretty severe. He marked off half of the hood and went to work using Machine Polish 3, Best of Show Wax, and your Professional Random Orbital machine. The result was absolutely astonishing! Needless to say I purchased a machine of my own, and you have another apostle. I will use nothing else on any of my vehicles!

Tom A.

Bill Enjoys the Best

I have been using your products on my 01 Honda Valkyrie for a year now. All I can say is how impressed I am over other products I have used in the past. I started out by reading your Detailer's Handbook... good reading and educational. I went over all the painted surfaces with the clay and then moved on to Polish 3 with the orbital and then to the Best of Show Wax. On the windshield I use your Plastic Cleaner and Polish along with the Speed Shine for in between cleanings. I love your chrome polish! The best I have used on the bike, it goes on and comes off easy with no fuss. After one full detail I was hooked. I will continue to buy your products due to their outstanding performance. It is a blessing to use such a quality product.

Bill E.

A Story of Car Care Triumph

This is my 1960 Triumph TR3A. Purchased from my high school chemistry lab partner in 1973, the Triumph has gone through several incarnations - a home restoration, a mystery lump under a tarp, and finally, the subject of a nineteen-month frame-off restoration to the state seen here. Restored to her 1960 FIA competition spec, she sports several period-correct race/rally options, including Alfin brake drums, Lucas Flamethrower Spotlights, Hanhart timers, and regulation leather hood restraints (lest the bonnet come loose during competition and crown the pilot).

From clay to wax, detailing brushes to my orbital polisher, Griot's products have kept my TR pristine - no easy task with a British Racing Green exterior and a tan leather interior often exposed to the elements. Add a few car covers protecting our Porsche and 300ZX, and we are truly a Griot's household. Thanks for what you're doing - for our hobby/passion, and my TR3A!

Sean M.


What a Beauty

Dear Richard and Team,

Here are some pictures of a 1947 Ford Pick-Up we just finished restoring. Before returning the vehicle to the customer, we always do a final detail using Griot's products. Nothing shines better, works easier, or lasts longer!

Thanks for making us and our vehicles look great!

Ryan M.
Red Door Restorations, LLC

Yes... it's a Porsche!

Hi Richard,

Perhaps my "pride and joy" Porsche tractor could become an interesting photo display in one of your next catalogs. Yes, it's a Porsche! The sports car maker did manufacture tractors in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

During a trip to the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany, I found this single cylinder diesel tractor in an old farm shed in rather sad condition, brought it back to the States, and spent about 10 years meticulously restoring it.

As you can see from the photo, it is kept in beautiful show condition with Griot's Garage products, which I also use on my 1931 Pontiac and my Mercedes 300 SDL.

Hans S.


Protection - What a Concept!

Dear Richard, I have been a customer for many years and love your products. I want to share a recent experience with one of my cars, a 1969 Nova concept built for the SEMA 2006 show. It is a "what if" car... specifically what if GM had offered the Z-28 option on the Nova as they did on the Camaro. The car has a Z-28 dash, 302 Crossram engine, Houndstooth interior and many special modifications. It's been featured in several national magazines.

Several months ago I was driving the car to an event and the battery overcharged, spewing acid out into the wheel well and down the passenger side of the car (which is painted with single stage paint). I was horrified, and was fully expecting the paint to be damaged. But the acid just washed right off and left no residual signs. I credit this to the 6 coats of Best Of Show Wax on the vehicle. The acid damaged the cad plating on the bolts under the car but could not damage the paint finish!

Thanks again for manufacturing such high quality products!

Dr. Gary

George's All-Original Beetle


My name is George Limnios. I own an original 1959 Volkswagen Convertible. It has 22,000 original miles on it, and still has the original tags from the factory under the seats that have the date of March 1959. It also has many original VW accessories. The only thing that was done to the car was a paint job in the early 1980s. I have been buying and using tools and products from Griot's Garage for years, and have never had a problem with anything!

Thank You,
George L.


Only the Best

While I was saving for my first Ferrari, I learned the art of detailing on my other less exotic, but well loved cars. I was never fully satisfied with what I could find over the counter, no matter how much I spent and no matter how specialized the product.

When it came time to buy my first dream car (1996 F355 Spider) I was determined to use only the best and most gentle products I could find. And lucky for me, my mailbox was graced with a Griot’s Garage catalog. I still remember my first order, a bottle of Speed Shine, Best Of Show Wax and Fine Hand Polish. Wow, what a difference over all the others.

Ever since my first order with Griot’s Garage back in 1999, I have enjoyed seeing the company grow and my garage grow with it. Thanks for offering the highest quality, most affordable products around. I spent 20 LONG YEARS saving for my first Ferrari. I wouldn’t use anything but the very, very best.

David S.

A Labor of Love

Griot's Garage customer Diane is a member of the Ferrari Club of America, South Central Region. So great is her passion for these Italian thoroughbreds, she organizes a 3-day fundraising event in Dallas called Ferrari Passione.

Diane says, "The Ferrari Passione event is a labor of love for me. When I read about 'My Friends House', a homeless center for infants thru nine year old children, I had to do something to help".

Diane shows her Ferrari at national events, and always brings along her "make-up kit" (Griot's Garage products) for last minute touch-ups.


I just placed another order as I now use your fine products exclusively. I have two Harley Davidson motorcycles and a Mercedes Benz which I keep garaged. Additionally, I have a Chevy Silverado pickup truck and a Fleetwood Discovery Class A diesel pusher motorhome which stay outdoors in the blazing South Florida sunshine.

I find Griot's Garage products do the best all-around job helping me care for my vehicles. Each time I am complimented on the nice appearance of one of my vehicles, I always give credit to your products.

I want to let you know how pleased and satisfied I am as a customer...a great big "ATTABOY", and keep up the terrific products.

Mark S.

Show-Worthy Flooring

Dear Sir,

Thank you for rushing the flooring to me last week. It was the final touch in my show display. A lot of people asked me where I got the floor... it was a big hit! Here is a picture of the display. Again, Thank you.

Raybern F.

Weekend Therapy

Just wanted to show some fun I had with my son during the first good Sunday we have had in Indiana!

He is learning how to use the Ultimate Nozzle to wash our 1998 Chevy Malibu!! Next will be his Radio Flyer tricycle!! Oh how I love these therapy sessions!!

Martin K.

Now this is a cruiser!

After years of looking at the Griot’s Grarage catalogs and seeing the exotic and pristine show cars, I was always humbled in my restoration project of choice, a 1971 Plymouth Fury police car.

The car started off with a very basic black and white single stage repaint (like the original factory job on low bid fleet vehicles). I then got to work with the paint cleaning clay, moving on to polishing with the random orbital and Machine Polish 3, followed by a few coats of your carnauba wax. The result was a deep mirror black finish comparable to some of the best paint jobs money can buy.

I still regularly use all of the Griot’s products on the cop car (and my daily drivers), and I’m guaranteed to preserve a better than new appearance with minimal effort.

Thanks for providing great products, outstanding customer service, and a myriad of excuses for me to go play in my garage.

Chris F

Lonnie's Showroom-Sharp Tudor

Dear Richard,

I have been an avid user of your products for several years now. I have kept all my daily drivers looking showroom sharp with Griot's products. Since retirement two years ago, I began looking for somethng special. Here are pictures of my '47 Ford Tudor Sedan. Your products make it look AWESOME!! You could just eat off the engine. Thanks for your dedication in providing fine products.

Lonnie J.

A Garage Built for Fun

To Everyone at Griot's Garage,

I remember being given a tour of the facility a while back and have personally seen Richard's MV Agusta. I know you have quite a few riders there and just want to thank you for your awesome products and killer service. I recently finished a project involving my 2003 Honda ST1300. I wanted something different and decided to emulate the famous RC161. I've posted several photos in motorcycle related forums and the funny thing is that within 5 posts someone always comments about my garage. A garage I certainly "Have Fun In" and do so primarily because of your products.

I thought I would send you a photo and once again thank you for your service and products.

Keep Having Fun!
Robert H.

Emil's Saleen Machine

Hi To All Griot's Garage Staff:

Photos of my 2006 Saleen S-281 Extreme Mustang, signed by Steve Saleen himself (see photo). Please notice the super shine created with your Cleaning Clay and Best Show Wax®. Everyone at the Parnelli Jones - Steve Saleen poster signing event at the local Ford Dealership was stunned by the paint depth and clarity. I tried many products but there is only one if you want the best. Griot's Garage!

Thanks you for the fine work, customer service and products.

Emil R.

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