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Diamond Garage Floor Mat
Unroll Your New Garage Floor In Minutes!
It's amazing how much stuff my vehicles can drag into my favorite room (the garage). Keeping the garage floor clean from the elements is easy with these heavy-duty, industrial grade mats. They are impervious to oil and grease. Use the 7 1/2' x 17' Garage Floor Mat as a parking mat if your floor is painted or tiled and you want to keep it clean. The extra-thick Diamond Mat is available in 7 1/2' x 17', 9' x 20' or 10' x 24' rolls, and trims easily for a full-floor cover that looks great. It'll give your garage a fresh new appearance and forms a nice moisture barrier. The cushioned, non-slip finish is wonderful to work on. The large 9' x 20' Diamond Garage Floor Mat weighs a whopping 124 pounds and won't slide around when driven on. (Some other mats that I've tested actually rolled up into my wheel wells!) It also provides a non-slip surface when you exit your car. Clean-up for the mat is a breeze. Just pull it onto the driveway and hose it off or use our Interior Cleaner. The mat is oil resistant however can stain if left uncleaned. Finally, a no nonsense way to capture nature's elements without making the garage a mess. (Please note: when ordering the same color mats in different sizes, color may vary slightly.) Please specify your choice of size and color. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Diamond Garage Floor Mat
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