Message from Our Founder

I've been living the garage life since I was 5-years old. One of my earliest projects was putting a Sandy Koufax baseball card in my bicycle spokes. As I grew up so did my projects. By the time I left for college, the garage had seen three paint jobs, an engine pulling that nearly brought down the rafters, brake jobs, and countless tune-ups. And my parents only had to take me to the emergency room once!

With my cars running like Swiss watches I wanted them to look the part. I searched but nothing in the car care arena measured up. So I started what would become Griot's Garage in my home garage in 1988. I really stepped up my game in 1990, introducing the first catalog, the first padded lay-down creeper, non-lifting floor paint, quality car care, and unique tools and garage gear.

From the very beginning we focused on excellence. We had a lifetime guarantee on everything we sold, and I mean everything. When it came to our car care products I decided early on that we would make our own, from product development through bottling and distribution. This A-to-Z commitment results in thoughtfully created products that you can trust on your car because I trust them on mine.

Richard Griot

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