Richard's Top 3
Wheel & Tire Cleaning Tips


Go the extra mile. Three or four times a year, step-up your wheel cleaning efforts by claying to remove embedded contaminants and sealing or waxing (synthetic wax preferred) the spokes and barrels to better shield your wheels against future brake dust accumulation and make them easier to clean in the future.


Dial in the shine. Long-Lasting Tire Dressing produces a satin finish initially but if you like a tire with more gloss, simply apply more coats. Other dressings provide more luster when applied to directly to the tire, less when applied to applicator and wiped on. You can knock the gloss of an aerosol down by wiping the tire with a towel after application.


Got whitewalls? To clean whitewall stripes or lettering use Rubber Prep. Apply with our 3” Yellow Scrub Pads, Ergo Wave Scrubber, or a toothbrush. Apply Rubber Prep directly to your applicator and scrub the white wall or lettering thoroughly. Wipe away, check your results, repeat until you are satisfied with the cleanliness then apply a dressing of your choice.

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