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Siphon Pump
Easy-To-Use Siphon Pump Is A Must-Have In Your Home Or Garage
I've offered this tool for over 24 years and I've used it more often than I ever thought I would. This PVC siphon pump is not affected by gasoline, oil, kerosene, or diesel fuel. Other hand siphon pumps that are made out of polyethylene deteriorate quickly when used with gasoline or oils. Use it to siphon or pump gas from one car to another. Pump out a backed up sink in a hurry. Empty your fish tank without fuss! Clear hose has a 1/2" inner diameter and is 8 feet long so you can cut it for your application. Pumps 4 ounces for each stroke. A true time saver. Made in the U.S.A., this pump will last for years.
Siphon Pump
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