Richard's Top 3
Rinseless Washing Tips


Get ahead of the game. Pre-soaking heavily soiled surfaces with a 15:1 dilution of Rinseless Wash & Wax in the dilution spray bottle will maximize the effectiveness of your rinseless washing process. The additional wash used in this process helps jumpstart the softening of dirt and debris.


Spray your face. Lightly spray the face of your first wipe towel for better safety and improved performance. I recommend the 16"x16" towels for Spray-On Car Wash and Rinseless Wash & Wax and 16"x9" detailing towels for quick detailers and spray waxes.


The two-towel technique. Use one towel for removing dirt and the majority of the liquid and a second for buffing the surface completely dry. Long-nap microfiber towels like our Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towel are great for the initial wipe and PFM-spec towels are best for drying.

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